Letters - September 5

Pictures Martin Bostock'St John's Square in Blackpool is now a bus free zone. / view
Pictures Martin Bostock'St John's Square in Blackpool is now a bus free zone. / view
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WE have been waiting for those in charge to open up St John’s Square.

The fact that near £1m was spent to reinforce the road area suggests that even those who closed it down knew it was supposed to continue as an arterial road.

Now we have the same serious problem with the Promenade.

It suggests those who made these decisions had no idea what they were doing.

Allowing taxis and buses to use the Square at all times is essential to the smooth running of traffic – and my life.

I have my bank, doctor and dentist all around the square, and I would like my life to return to what it was before the council decided to close it down.

Open up the square as it was intended, and built to take vehicles.


Layton Road


IT is good new taxis are to be allowed into St John’s Square, but appalling they must pay £5 for the privilege.

What right does Blackpool Council have to charge vehicles to use a public highway?

Have these taxis not paid their road tax?

This, in my opinion, amounts to nothing less than extortion once again by Blackpool Council.

Businesses have to pay the council to put chairs on their own forecourts, and this is another scam on the people of Blackpool, who are trying hard to earn an honest living.

What next, are they going to charge the public to walk in the streets?



THE amount of litter blowing down Ribble Road and on Clinton Avenue is testament to the fact people have too much rubbish for their wheelie bins.

Consequently, people are using the local shop bin. It fills to overflowing, resulting in seagulls dragging rubbish all over the place, the wind doing the rest.

We did have a large multiple bin at Ibbison Court, but that has never been replaced since it was burned down.

We definitely need another one.


Clinton Avenue


IT was absolutely disgusting to leave my house to find dog poo in four places on our street. It is a regular occurrence. Why can’t owners please control this matter?

‘Disgusted Resident’

Mayfield Avenue

South Shore