Letters - September 30, 2015

Open day to mark the 130th anniversary of Blackpool Tramway
Open day to mark the 130th anniversary of Blackpool Tramway
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Corbyn ignorant of the nuclear reality

Jeremy Corbyn has reiterated his long-standing opposition to Trident, our nuclear deterrent. He says no one could possibly use it and, therefore, it is pointless.

Such comments reveal gross ignorance of nuclear deterrence. These terrible weapons deter a potential enemy because he is never certain if they will be used.

Dennis Healey, our finest Defence Secretary since 1945, said at a meeting at which I was present the weapons “will deter even if the enemy thinks there is only a one per cent chance it will be used”.

Opponents of Trident should consider how we could respond to a nuclear threat if we were nuclear naked. In a world in which there will be at least four more nuclear powers by 2040 we would be at the mercy of blackmail.

There is widespread ignorance about nuclear strategy. Corbyn’ s words reveal his knowledge of nuclear matters matches that of his economics.

Barry Clayton

Fieldfare Close



We need a museum highlighting heritage

A very big thumbs-up to all who were involved in organising the 130th Blackpool Tramway Anniversary celebrations over the last weekend. It was a great success.

The supportive collaboration shown from transport groups, enthusiasts, the general public and Blackpool Transport Services demonstrates the resort has a rich transport heritage that is appreciated worldwide.

Promoting and showcasing Blackpool’s unique transport history, in tandem with its modern new light rail system, is a positive step for the town. An annual Blackpool and Fylde Transport Festival weekend around the last weekend in September could prove to be a successful yearly event. Its appeal has the capacity to boost tourism and attract a wider demographic.

I’m optimistic that one day Blackpool will host and operate a transport museum attracting international visitors. In hindsight, a heritage vision showcasing the growth of finest seaside resort in the UK should have happened years ago. Like a lot of public transport ‘it’s better late than never’.

Stephen Pierre

via email


We can help young people into work

Youth unemployment levels have hardly changed in the last 12 months, and there are still more than 723,000 young people in the UK out of work. There is a real danger many of them will be left behind.

In the last 10 years, The Prince’s Trust has supported more than 2,410 young people in the North West to beat unemployment by becoming their own boss.

There are so many young people out there with innovative ideas and aspirations for enterprise, but too often they lack confidence to take that first step. If you are unemployed, or working less than 16 hours a week, and have a passion or idea, come and talk to The Prince’s Trust. We can help turn that enthusiasm into a sustainable enterprise and successful future.

Jonathan Townsend

North of England Director at The Prince’s Trust