Letters - September 30, 2013

HELP, PLEASE You can get involved in this year's Poppy Appeal, says county co-ordinator Michael F Turner
HELP, PLEASE You can get involved in this year's Poppy Appeal, says county co-ordinator Michael F Turner
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British Legion appeal


The leaves of autumn are starting to fall and the red Poppy of Remembrance is starting to bloom.

It is that time of year when we start to remember all those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice and give thanks to those who returned.

The Royal British Legion is the nation’s foremost ex-service charity and custodian of Remembrance and needs your help.

For over 90 years it has been ready and able to help all those who come to the Legion for help and assistance.

The Legion is there to help today’s generation of ex-servicemen, women and their families just as it has served all generations since its formation.

If the Legion is to carry on this sterling work, it is essential to raise the necessary funds if we are to continue to help all those who come to the Legion in their hour of need.

The Legion in Lancashire needs your help with this year’s Poppy Appeal.

Last year the appeal raised more than £38m, a tremendous total. Can you help us beat this?

There are many ways in which you could help.

Will you be our hero and give one hour of your time or more, to this very worthy cause?

There are many ways in which you could help, go on, give it a go – you’ll enjoy it.

Please get in touch on (01772) 745839 or email michaelfrancis.turner@gmail.com.

Michael F. Turner

Lancashire Poppy Appeal

Car smash in village

Slow down

On Friday September 13 my wife and I were woken by a very loud bang outside our house on Singleton Road, Weeton.

When we looked out of the bedroom window our car, which was parked at least five feet away from the roadside, had vanished or so we thought.

When we got outside it had been shunted at least 40ft and turned on its roof!

There was an old car nosed into the hedge on the other side of the road. Our car was a wreck.

Weeton is one of the few places in the Fylde that still has a 30mph speed limit instead of 20mph.

How long will it be before someone is killed?

It could so easily have happened that Friday morning.

Mr J. S. Newcomb

Singleton Road


Dreamy show

Must see

I wasn’t looking forward to my visit to the Grand Theatre ‘Dreamboats & Petticoats’ expecting old songs and tacky story lines but what a surprise.

Beautiful songs, great singers, talented musicians and slick sets. This is a must see show.

Alan Ackroyd

New South Promenade


Get on with the work


As usual Blackpool Council have excelled themselves in employing people with no common sense to do traffic light upgrades.

There are diversions, road closures and just general chaos in and around the Blackpool area. I turned up to my garage the other day to find the road closed and a “businesses open as usual” sign in place.

If they don’t get working there will be no businesses due to the fact no-one can access them.

I rely solely on passing trade and there is none. There’s a diversion down a residential street and nothing, no workmen, nothing going on.

Surely if they have closed the road they should be working flat out to get it re-opened to cause minimum disruption.

But wait a minute, this is Blackpool, it’s normal.

Simon Marshall

S. Marshall Car Sales

Rear Newton Drive


Cycling on pavement

A danger

As chairman of Belle Vue Neighbourhood Watch Association, I agree with Dave Blacker and Dave Slattery ‘s comments on dangerous adult cyclists (Gazette, September 25).

Belle Vue residents support responsible and safe cycling in our area.

But not on our pavements by grown ups who should know better!

It is a pity the Explorer route has made the bad situation worse.

Who allowed the Explorer route and why, when there was already a known problem in the area?

The question might be asked, cyclists, friend or foe?

Perhaps we should instead be asking, Explorer route - friend or foe?

Eddie Fewings

Belle Vue Neighbourhood Watch Residents Association