Letters - September 29, 2014

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Royal British Legion

Good cause

For more than 85 years, The Royal British Legion has supported British soldiers, sailors and airmen who have defended our country and helped to keep peace elsewhere in the world.

Many return to civilian life only to find great difficulty in re-adapting.

These men and women have done and continue to do, so much for our 
security and our way of life and The Royal British 
Legion is committed to 
supporting them and, where necessary, their families and their 

Today, British service men and women continue to bravely play their part in peacekeeping forces in all parts of the world.

When they return to civilian life, The Royal British Legion will be there for them, as it is for veterans of the World Wars, The Gulf, The Falklands, Iraq, Afghanistan and the many other peacetime conflicts since 1945.

The Royal British Legion, as a charity, is entirely 
reliant upon public support for its funding, and The Poppy Appeal is a vital part of the Legion’s fund-
raising efforts.

Through the Poppy Appeal, the Legion can help service and ex-service men and women and their dependants through times of hardship and distress.

Over the past year, The Royal British Legion has responded to more than 300,000 appeals for help and every year these numbers grow.

So long as there are British soldiers, sailors and airmen willing to risk their lives in the service of their country, there will be a Royal British Legion to support them, their families and their dependants.

Your donation is vital to that support. Please give whatever you can afford, no matter how little.

Help the Poppy Appeal to help those who have given so much.

Wear your Poppy with pride!

Coun Val Haynes

Mayor of Blackpool

Conflict in Syria


Rob Devey reports on local soldiers backing strikes against militants in Iraq (Gazette September 25).

Up and down the land media groups are ignoring that the chaos in Iraq and Ukraine is directly linked to previous wars of aggression and policies by Western powers and NATO.

Many of the militants in Islamic State/Isis were trained by our Armed Forces last year to overthrow the Syrian leader. UN-led humanitarian relief for the victims of atrocities in the region should be supported. The last thing Iraq needs is constant bombing campaigns or military invasion from us or the US.

This is one of the most militarised regions of the world and much of the firepower is from Saudi, Turkey, Egypt and Israel and is supplied by the west.Isis is a product of this militarisation and more action would be fuel on the fire.

Royston Jones

Beryl Avenue


Empty units in town

No suprise

I am not surprised to read many of the retail units at the Talbot Gateway have been rented out (Gazette September 25).

The area is too far away from the main shopping area and Promenade where local residents and tourists do their shopping.

I could have told the council this before they built it and saved our rate payers’ money. However, if they had kept the bus station, with a link to the railway station, there would have been more footfall in the area, and shops could have prospered.

Instead the bus station became a car park, but prices are exorbitant and it is difficult to find the entrance so I am not sure how many people use it.

Just another missed opportunity in our town!

Carol Mooney

Wolverton Avenue


Who will pay for wage rise?

Labour plan

I fully endorse the comments made by Peter Anthony (Letters September 25) regarding the national minimum wage .

I watched the Labour Party Conference and speaker after speaker was extolling the virtues of the tired and failed 
policies of the 13 years of Labour rule that brought this country to the brink of being bankrupt.

A rise in the minimum wage to £8 will close many small businesses overnight. Where are they supposed to get the extra money from ? Price increases means loss of trade. Or do they cut their staff and send them on to the dole ?

Ed Miliband is asking for 10 years at Number 10. Not satisfied with the damage he and his party caused last time this would be the same as giving the car keys to a driver of a 
vehicle arrested for being over the alcohol limit and saying ‘Here have another go!’

The Labour Party, bereft of any new ideas, proved at their conference that socialism is not dead just brain dead and have not learned the harsh reality – you cannot pay more than you earn.

They should remember the wise words of the man that said ‘One man’s pay increase is another man’s price increase. ‘Who said this? Their late Leader and former Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson, January 1970.

Philip Hardman

Freckleton Street