Letters - September 29, 2011

Members of Poulton and Thornton Railway Society working at Thornton Railway Station to clear the line which is to be part of part a heritage trail
Members of Poulton and Thornton Railway Society working at Thornton Railway Station to clear the line which is to be part of part a heritage trail
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I WAS deeply disappointed to read of the proposal by Eddie Fisher, the current chairman of the Poulton and Wyre Railway Society, to turn the railway into a limited single-track heritage operation (Gazette September 24).

Wyre Council’s Area Action Plan for the regeneration of the Thornton-Fleetwood Corridor supports the full reopening of the railway from Poulton to Fleetwood for both passengers and freight, and a robust business plan has already been agreed to bring this about. Negotiations with Network Rail are at an advanced stage. Much work still needs to be done, but real progress is being made.

The reopening of the line would particularly be a huge boost for Fleetwood, the largest town in England without a railway, and where future development is being strangled by poor transport connections.

We have nothing against a heritage operation, but it must be an adjunct to a fully-operational railway. Running one or two steam engines along a mile or so of isolated track is not going to regenerate the area.

If it does indeed attract 100,000 visitors a year, that means 30,000 plus extra cars on congested local roads. But if we could bring these visitors in by rail via Poulton, that would be both economically and environmentally sound.

Our vision for the railway far surpasses a small-scale train set.

We aim to re-open a vital transport link to North Wyre, with huge benefits to all of its residents.

COUN Don MacNaughton


Rail Link Task Group

Wyre Council

IN response to the correspondent regarding Prom parking (Letters September 22), my husband and I have a motorhome and like to park on the Lower Prom.

As we have worked hard all our lives, never drawn any benefits, paid rates to Blackpool Council for more than 50 years, paid road tax, fuel tax etc, I think we are entitled to do so.

Has the writer not considered how much mobile home owners spend in the garage and in the supermarket?

Live and let live.

We already pay enough.

(Name and address supplied)

MY partner and I have been attending most, if not all, of the Blackpool Brass Band concerts.

We attended their recent concert at Waterloo Methodist Church Blackpool, and were extremely surprised by the lack of support by the Blackpool residents.

We travel from Blackburn to see them, and we are never disappointed.

They have recently acquired a new conductor, Tariq Ahmed, who brings vibrancy and a wonderful personality to this warm and versatile band.

The whole band are dynamic, but I am concerned that if more people don’t support this band, then the people of Blackpool will lose them forever.

Brass bands are part of our heritage, and we cannot afford to let another irreplaceable part of our culture disappear.


Pritchard Street