Letters - September 28, 2016

The Nordwind family have invested over �1.5 million in their new Blackpool club venture Home/HQ, and today unveiled the new frontage for the first time.
Owner Mark Nordwind outside the venue.  PIC BY ROB LOCK
The Nordwind family have invested over �1.5 million in their new Blackpool club venture Home/HQ, and today unveiled the new frontage for the first time. Owner Mark Nordwind outside the venue. PIC BY ROB LOCK 24-9-2016
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We’ve got to offer people a variety

I would like to wish Mark Nordwind and his team every success with the opening of Home HQ bar and night club based in Talbot Square tomorrow night.

The site of the old Jenkinsons has been a prime location for decades, dating back to the glorious days of Blackpool’s rich past. This area suffered a notable loss of footfall following the huge fire of Yates’s Wine lodge in February 2009.

The Nordwind family are recognised for their innovative investments in Blackpool, most notably the opening of venues like The Bizness Night Club, Main Street and The Syndicate.

To meet the expectations of the modern visitor, Blackpool requires a contemporary town centre urban style bar and night club.

This multi-million pound investment is a positive step forward for creating a cosmopolitan city vibe, attracting a much needed wider demographic back to Blackpool town centre.

Greater footfall is a boost to the local economy that will in real terms benefit other business from restaurants, takeaways and taxi drivers.

Joined up metropolitan-style thinking is one of the ways for putting Blackpool back on the map.

In return, this will attract further private and corporate investment from welcomed decent operators.

Stephen Pierre

c/o The Galleon Bar Blackpool.


This folly is destined to fall at first hurdle

What a strange letter from Howard Kay (Your Say, Gazette, September 24).He manages to avoid all the issues and completely misses the point.Far be it from me to suggest his living on the promenade may affect his judgement!

I do not own a vehicle and frequently travel on trams and buses in and around Blackpool and surrounding areas. I think the tramway is excellent on the promenade. Living in the Whitegate Drive area I believe I am well qualified to recognise congestion!

Mr Kay conveniently omits the fact that inland tramways were terminated because of congestion all those years ago. Is he seriously suggesting that the amount of traffic on the roads now is not going to increase congestion?

The issue is a tramway extension which is totally unnecessary, as the route is already served by numerous buses.

What an odd statement by Mr Kay: “Trams are built for chairs, mobility scooters, prams up and down their 106ft.”

I have never seen anything resembling the facilities to accommodate all of the above. That statement reads as though all and sundry would be able to just pop on a tram with oodles of room. Nothing could be further from the truth! He also appears to have forgotten to mention luggage!Is there anything on the Bombardier Flexity 2 website describing appropriate luggage facilities for said tram?

There is no way that any public transport would accommodate the amount of luggage expected from transferring from train to trams or buses. Let’s not forget the unions’ role in this. Would they allow their members to work under these conditions?

The BIG issues are congestion, feasibility, affordability and necessity.This folly falls at the first fence!

Mr Kay is quite entitled to air his views, and I respect that, but telling half the story doesn’t do him any favours.Opinions are not facts.

Jack Gledhill

Gainsborough Road



It’s time to get new voters registered

When a Blackpool councillor provides this paper with a letter attacking Marjorie Nye for her analysis of boundary changes, (Your Say, Gazette, September 21), one hopes the views expressed will contain some accuracy.

However the recent letter on ‘Boundary Review’ by Councillor Cox indicates certain confusion. This is a review of parliamentary boundaries, not those of local authorities, and Blackpool South could now include a number of Tory wards from Fylde, while some wards from Blackpool could be in the new constituency with Fleetwood.

Why on earth does he think that the present boundaries favour Labour? When, in fact, we are looking at Tory occupied constituencies that will obviously generate more Tory votes! The main point is that registering new voters is a democratic challenge that is not being fulfilled.

Councillor Cox owes an apology to Ms Nye for her intuition!

Roy Lewis

Haddon Road



Government has to act on safe streets

A new report shows Britain has more pedestrian deaths per head of population than other leading countries. The report from the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety shows that, while Britain compares favourably with other countries for all road deaths, pedestrian deaths are significantly higher. Streets are where we live, work, play and socialise – they should be safe and enjoyable places for everyone. We would like to see targets for reducing road casualties reintroduced. Such targets operated under successive governments from 1987-2010 and proved effective, helping focus the work of policy makers and practitioners.

Road danger has far reaching public health consequences as it discourages people from being active, which costs the NHS billions. Investment from the Government to make our streets fit for walking will reduce these costs in the long-term by helping us create a walking nation, free from congested roads and pollution, reducing the risk of preventable illness and social isolation.

Tompion Platt

Head of Policy, Living Streets