Letters - September 27, 2013

Reopening of Singleton Village Hall after its refurbishment with a Big Lottery Grant of �34,600.
Reopening of Singleton Village Hall after its refurbishment with a Big Lottery Grant of �34,600.
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Singleton village hall

Well done!

The Gazette has done a marvellous job of helping Singleton Village Hall committee publicise and promote the work the committee did to obtain the Big Lottery grant to refurbish the village hall.

The committee offers a huge thank you to all the reporters who helped.

Obtaining the grant has been a wonderful team effort by residents and volunteers who so willingly gave time and energy to the committee.

From the first initial application to the completion of our hall it has been three long years of work and effort.

The mainstay of our efforts was Bob Gallagher who showed dogged determination and who spent endless time in getting the hall refurbishment completed.

The residents of Singleton Parish owe him a huge debt.

We had endless help from Kriss Wilson of CVS who went far beyond just doing her job.

Our volunteers were beyond compare.

I am so proud of the community I represent and thank the people who have shown such appreciation for what we have achieved.

To the committee I can only say how much I have enjoyed working with you and thank you for helping to achieve what was only a dream three years ago.

Coun Mrs Maxine Chew

Singleton and Greenhalgh

NHS sent eight leaflets

Cash waste

I always understood the NHS was short of money, but this morning I had a letter for eye screening and it was a 

“Your guide to diabetic eye screening.”

But not just one was sent out, I received eight of the same leaflet.

So are they short of money?

Mr J. Scholey

Aysgarth Court



Good Samaritans

Came to aid

Following a pavement accident on Everest Drive, Norbreck, when I broke my wrist, I would like to thank the people who came to help me.

They phoned the ambulance, cancelled an appointment for me and generally kept my spirits up.

One man especially stayed with me until the ambulance came and I was safely inside.

Your help was much appreciated. Thank you to all.

Sheila Millington

(by email)

Too many kittens


A cat can come into season from as early as five months old.

She can start to call for a mate for two to 17 days out of every 30 days.

Her pregnancy can last eight to 10 weeks and when her kittens are seven days old, she can get pregnant again and give birth to the second litter while still nursing the first.

Imagine then each litter is six kittens, every kitten survives and every kitten is female and gives birth from five months to litters of six etc, etc.

Obviously this is an exaggerated scenario which if true would create 42,000 kittens.

Reality is thankfully much less but they do get pregnant at six to seven months.

So we are appealing to people to please, please neuter your cat , male or female. There are just too many cats and kittens for loving homes to be found.

Pictured (above) is a young cat, estimated to be 10 months old, and awaiting delivery of her second litter of kittens.

Christine Ashton

St Annes Cat Rescue


(01253) 720357

Emergency service cuts

MP is wrong

I write in response to the coverage of the emergency service cut backs (Gazette, September 21) that will reap further havoc for the police and fire services, already bearing the brunt of the coalition government’s economic hard line on the public sector.

Cutting police numbers previously has predictably seen crime escalate and it is breathtaking to hear the MP for Blackpool North and Cleveleys be so complacent about the risks it poses to our community; both in respect of further rising crime rates and the threat to lives through loss of fire services.

It is appalling that he seems to have accepted his party’s austerity package as perfectly acceptable, despite the dangers that lie behind this folly.

Why is he not fighting hard to restore sanity and speak up for the people who live in his constituency?

In addition he states the police have had time to factor the cuts into their plans.

This is a terrible slight to those public sector workers who risk their lives every day to serve our communities, and as a former member of the police committee, I am totally aware of the commitment that the police give to the role of public protection.

I could accept one cutback though and this would be to Mr Maynard’s publicly funded job at the next election, as his lack of awareness and commitment to his constituents is apparent.

Roy Lewis

Haddon Road