Letters - September 27, 2011

Lytham Police Station.
Lytham Police Station.
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ONCE again Lytham has been subjected to a vicious armed robbery.

When are the police authorities going to realise that Lytham is not the low crime area they describe.

We have had eight armed robberies in as many years.

Does it take someone to be seriously hurt or killed before they act, or believe that we are just as vulnerable as any other area, including Blackpool?

There are petty crimes committed every day in the town, with cars being vandalised, property damaged and, more importantly, the elderly targeted by thieves.

The police station must be kept open, with the public counter available and hours extended, and not open just for the short time it is at present.

It should be manned 24 hours a day, with a contact number which is local.

Lytham is being targeted by the criminals because they have been successful up to now. Let’s stop them by increasing our police and keeping the station open.


Albert Street


I CAN sympathise with Mr Stuart Grimes (Letters September 22) and his difficulties with bus timetables changing from previous travelling times because I too, as well as many others particularly at weekends, had to improvise.

I had to reschedule, catching the 7.13am number five from Rigby Road, dropping me off at the Farmers Arms, and walking from there to Squires Gate, arriving for work at the appropriate time. The number seven doesn’t get me there on time.

Forget the number 11 on Sundays, as the earliest from Rigby Road is 7.47am, far too late!

Forget, too, the number seven, as the earliest from Market Street is, believe it or not, at 8.51am.

However, the number five leaves Rigby Road at 7.30am, arriving at the Farmers Arms for 7.41am, then it’s a power walk from there to get me to work, somewhat later than I should be.

There used to be the 7.22am number 11 from Rigby Road on Sundays, carrying many passengers, but what did the new managing director do? Yes, knock it off.

I do wonder if he realises we’re a busy seaside resort holding numerous hotels, care homes, catering and entertainment venues that are still in full swing at weekends, even more so than during the week, and it’s unfair to have a poor transport service for the numerous numbers of us who have to work Saturdays and Sundays.


Ashton Road


n IN reply to Mr Stuart Grimes, just to clarify, the number 16 service has not run to Fleetwod for some time. It has not, as suggested, suddenly changed.

With regard to the staff bus service, if this goes in Mr Grimes’ direction he can use it as it also carries public passengers. I am sure he would agree if the driver cannot get to work, his other bus would not be there either?

He also states he waited two hours for a bus. I agree that is not acceptable, but at the time he says he waited, they are a 30-minute service, so that would be a least three buses missing.

We do try to be helpful but we are not all perfect.

(Name and address supplied)