Letters - September 26, 2017

Trident submarine
Trident submarine
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Scrapping Trident will not make world safer

The Labour Party Conference has inevitably raised again the question of retaining or scrapping our nuclear deterrent based on Trident.

As usual, cost and the horrific nature of nuclear weapons is at the forefront of the demand to scrap it.

The Bomb is a horrible weapon, a manifestation of the worst aspects of human nature. But it cannot be uninvented. Unilateral disarmament by one of more states will not make the world a safer place. A report in 2016 by a consortium of nuclear scientists showed that any of the major powers could easily remake a nuclear warhead within months.

The best defence against the nuclear weapon is another nuclear weapon. All weapons are terrible but they do not cause wars. These are caused by hatreds, and animosities based on ethnic, religious, ideological and power factors.

Disarmers have to be admired for their devotion but one is in awe at their stubborn denial of futility. Mutually assured destruction has proved to be the best strategy for preventing the use of the ultimate weapon. Despite their childish rhetoric,both Trump and Kim know this.

The late American Secretary of State, Adlai Stevenson, said: “There is no evil in the atom; only in men’s souls.”

Colonel (retired) Barry Clayton

Thornton Cleveleys


Get out of EU before it drags us under

Sometimes I cannot believe what I hear and see through the media regarding Brexit.

Britannia rules the waves? I doubt it. At the present time it would be struggling to rule a child’s paddling pool.

Twelve months ago I voted to leave this overpriced trading bloc known as the European Union (EU). Twelve months on and my opinion hasn’t changed in the slightest but unfortunately we are still a member and possibly until 2019 or beyond.

If it wasn’t for our intervention in 1939 there would be no Europe- well not as we know it today. German could well have been the fluent language.

Fast forward 80 years and we have this sinking ship known as the EU. My free advice is to get out now before it drags us down with it to Davy Jones’s Locker.

This great country of ours has a history we should all be proud of and if we play our cards right a prosperous future lying ahead, but first of all we must leave the EU.

The world is our oyster but first we must crack on and divorce this overpriced bureaucratic mess known as the EU (Economic Uncertainty).

I really don’t know what is so difficult understanding the words ‘out’ and ‘leave’. They both have pretty much the same meaning.

Leave means leave and out means out.

Barry Carr

Rossall Gate


Many want flights from resort airport

Blackpool council should listen to the many people of Blackpool and the north of England who would love to see a return of national and international flights at Blackpool airport.

My first flight in the 60s was from Newquay to Blackpool saving about 10 hours. Family and friends have enjoyed short haul flights from Blackpool and would welcome a return to a real airport.



Via email


Still need Trust in the top league?

When Blackpool FC are promoted into the Championship next season and then into the Premier League the season after, and the present owners of the club are still the owners, will the Blackpool Supporters’ Trust have to be disbanded?

Mike Picewicz

Warbreck Hill Road


Pay rise that is long overdue

It is not surprising that we are losing our wonderful medical people to far distant shores.

Doctors and nurses in Britain are the finest, trained, qualities respected throughout the world, the learning period is a lengthy one, during which they exist on extremely low salaries, working long hours.

So why the hesitation and reluctance to pay promised long overdue pay rises? Without doubt this oversight requires urgent acknowledge
ment, for the immense valuable service given by them to our communities.

Big plus, they save lives too.

Joyce Aveyard

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