Letters - September 26, 2011

Cuadrilla Gas site near Singleton.
Cuadrilla Gas site near Singleton.
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REGARDING Fracking, (The Gazette, September 22), engineers are not spendthrifts but the right engineering solution costs what it costs.

The first decade of North Sea oil production, in which I had some personal involvement, represented an immense technological frontier.

It was controlled by engineers. There were no disasters and scarcely any minor incidents.

Then the money men began to gain power and disasters started to happen culminating in the recent BP Gulf of Mexico event. This one incident has cost BP tens of billions of dollars.

Getting it right and avoiding the accident might have cost tens of millions of dollars.

So the obsession with cost cutting and the philosophy behind it of rewarding managers for short term financial performance, which inevitably leads to corner cutting, hardly looks like a good investment.

I am sure that Cuadrilla is a reputable, responsible and technically competent company but there is shedloads of evidence, from oil to old people’s care homes, to demonstrate that one must be careful about accepting at face value promises from large corporate entities.

This does not mean that we should automatically go for the knee jerk ‘No’.

Gas is a strategic product for the UK. However much we invest in ‘clean’ energy (and that should be a lot more than we are) there will be an energy gap.

Hydraulic Fracture is a mature technology. The issue is not a technical one. It is how to regulate, and enforce regulation, such that doing it right always takes precedence over doing it cheap.


Saltcotes Road, Lytham

I FEEL I must write regarding the comments made by Bruno Tonioli in Friday, September 16.

How can this jumped up little Italian, who no-one had heard of before he popped up on Strictly Come Dancing, make comments about a town, that, by his own admission, he knows nothing about.

The majority of drunks he talks about are not local but flotsam that has floated in from other towns who didn’t want them.

Well we don’t want them either.

So Mr Tonioli come and experience the real Blackpool if you dare.


Kincross Crescent


I AM astounded and incensed to hear from my granddaughter that Blackpool Pleasure Beach are now charging £1.50 for my daughter-in-law to watch her while having an ice skating lesson, this is on top of the charge to go on the ice.

Her lesson is £16 for a half hour. Surely this can’t be right. I’ve never heard of anyone having riding lessons with no horse, or swimming lessons with no water, so surely you need the ice to skate on! So to be charged again for parents to watch, well in my mind this beggers belief.

How about loyalty for locals and drop this spectator charge – it’s very insulting.