Letters - September 25, 2012

Tram on Lord Street, Fleetwood
Tram on Lord Street, Fleetwood
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ON Saturday several of us had been waiting for the tram at Norbreck Castle tram stop for well over 40 minutes.

After 20 minutes the first tram that arrived was so packed everyone had to take a breath as they opened the doors and so we couldn’t get on but the cheery conductor told us there would be one 
following shortly.

Twenty minutes later it arrived, not quite so packed but the conductor would not let anyone on and when we pointed out we had been waiting 40 minutes and more he said “Well it is Saturday” as if it was news to us.

At that moment the first bus we had seen for 40 minutes came past so we went to catch that.

It was equally full but the driver packed us all in anyway, stopping at every stop to take on even more.

I didn’t risk waiting to catch either the tram or the bus back from 
Cleveleys to Norbreck.

It was a good job because during my walk back I didn’t see either one go past in either direction and at 54 years old I am not exactly a fast walker.

On my return I tried to ring the customer services office to complain – guess what – they weren’t open. why? Because it was Saturday?

I won’t be using public transport again.

It’s lucky for me I don’t have to. I used to love using the trams – what a shame.



ONCE again this morning I have witnessed huge queues at the tram stops between the Pleasure Beach and the Cabin both north and south-bound.

Meanwhile, in the depot a number of expensively converted double-deck trams continue to slumber having virtually never seen a complete day’s service this season.

We are now in the massively busy Illuminations period and on Saturday afternoon I once again saw the Flexity2 trams heavily loaded leaving behind passengers including mums with children and prams, disabled wheel chair passengers and I counted 12 able-bodied would be customers too.

I must congratulate one young lady-guard who managed to move some of her passengers then help one lady to board with her 
children and pram – well done.

What a pity the other 
passengers were left behind simply because Blackpool Transport does not offer a better service.

In the days of the traditional service, on busy Illumination weekends a number of special cars would be out to help with the demand.

This season I feel a lot of visitors to Blackpool won’t be impressed with our new trams and their poor service and will probably migrate to the new service 12.


Melville Road


THE good people of Fleetwood and me, with the help of many others, have been fighting to return the beach adjacent to ferry boat and the tram terminals to an 
acceptable state.

For 140 years, it was a very useable beach that people sat on in 
deckchairs, on their towels, whatever took their fancy.

This is no longer the case, it has become an eyesore with weeds 
growing three foot and more, sycamores, birch trees still growing there, these collect litter and detritus.

Sand dunes have risen to such an extent they brought the beach level and sometimes higher than the back edge of the pavement.

This allows sand, even in a moderate wind to blown directly onto the road, which has derailed trams and is getting into roadside drains

Would the good people of Blackpool and their councillors put up with that on their seafront. I don’t think so.

This area is at the very heart of Fleetwood’s 
tourist area.

Around 40 years ago the newly formed Wyre Borough Council took the decision to no longer maintain the borough’s sea defences in the way the previous smaller area councils had. The wooden groynes that controlled the sand drift along the coast were allowed to deteriorate and this is why there are sand dunes on the ferry beach.

As these developed a Quango called Natural England designated, a 
totally man made beach, as a Site of Special Scientific Interest. This has led a serious situation where the town that owns that beach cannot regenerate a virtually town centre location because this quango have sequestrated their beach.


Pharos ward


THE political conference season begins with Nick Clegg apologising, but not for voting for the trebling of university fees, just for previously saying he wouldn’t increase them.

Not what many would consider a sincere genuine apology. Will he apologise for approving tax cuts for the wealthy next?

Meanwhile the Prime Minister is busy trying to keep his Government afloat and jumping at every opportunity to talk up the economy. But still nothing happens. He boasts about new jobs when in reality much of them are simply poorly paid part-time jobs.

The Tory-led coalition Government have been in office now for two and a half years. During which time we have witnessed 42 policy U-turns and a double dip recession and new statistics suggest the recession will go on for another seven years.

They are relying on taxation and cuts in 
benefits to get the country out of the recession, that will not happen. Look at history, the tried and tested way is to go full ahead for growth.

They have ignored that and as a result their policies have stifled the economy, which when they took office was I
mproving. The increase in VAT to 20 per cent was a huge mistake and has hit business hard.

They are very good at announcing high profile initiatives, off the cuff, which soon fall flat and disappear, because they are ill-thought-out and often underfunded. They now say they believe in growth but it appears to be just another band wagon for their actions prove it is not their priority.


Chairman, Blackpool North and Cleveleys Labour Party