Letters - September 24, 2015

Addenbrooke's University Hospital in Cambridge
Addenbrooke's University Hospital in Cambridge
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Leopards never change their spots...

The NHS is headlines news again. The famous Addenbrookes Hospital has been told it needs to improve to ensure safe and effective services. The hospital has been placed under special measures.

Staff were described by the Care Quality Commission as caring. An unsigned letter (Gazette, September 22) described NHS staff as dedicated. I certainly agree with that statement I received excellent care by all staff, recently in the surgical unit in the Vic. The nursing staff competent, caring and friendly a great combination.

It is known that Addenbrokes has big funding problems. This is a big factor which one has to consider.

Last year 4,925 and this year 4,500 doctors, have indicated they wish to work abroad. The reason is they are unhappy with the new contracts the government wishes to impose.

Yet the unsigned letter would have us believe everything is fine in the NHS. It wrongly claims the government is not set on privatisation stating the previous Labour government first used some private services. It is clear he or she does not recognise that using outside private facilities/services to assist the NHS in reducing waiting lists is quite different to signing over whole services on long contracts to companies who are in the health business purely for profit.

What we are now seeing is the thin end of the privatisation wedge.

The Conservative party never wanted the NHS going right back to its inception, they voted against the service. In the mid 1990s the Tory government planned to dismantle the service. The incoming Blair government after detailed analysis began to increase NHS funding and saved the NHS. The Tory party voted against the increases. Like Leopards they never change their spots.

Marjorie Nye’s well balanced letter highlighted the danger of privatisation. The unsigned letter criticised her by name yet did not include the writer’s name.

I consider that a feeble response which detracts from the authenticity of the letter.

Jack Croysdill

Chairman Blackpool north/Cleveleys Labour Party


Royalty is out
of date...

Re: the frenzy by the Tory press because Jeremy Corbyn did not sing God Save The Queen.

There are claims that “the national anthem is a gesture of your allegiance to our nation”. It is nothing of the sort, being a mournful dirge in praise of one individual; that individual being someone who has succeeded to the title of King or Queen simply by an accident of birth.

The concept of royalty is an outdated anachronism which has no place in the modern world. We live in a so-called democracy yet have an unelected monarch foisted upon us by the establishment. I also refuse to sing the national anthem as the words are meaningless to me but that does not signify a lack of allegiance to the country on my part.

The monarchy costs this country well in excess of £300m per year, although the well-oiled Buckingham Palace propaganda machine continues to fool the public by falsely claiming that the cost works out at less than £1 per head of the population. There is no doubt that the monarchy has not suffered any of the consequences of the Tory government’s austerity policies as it forges ahead protecting its rich friends in the City of London and attacking those unfortunate members of society who are in no position to fight back.

There is nothing to celebrate in the fact that Elizabeth Windsor has completed more than 63 years in her well-paid role, thereby beating the record of Queen Victoria.

I am a member of Republic which campaigns for the abolition of the monarchy and its replacement by a democratic alternative.

Had Jeremy Corbyn mouthed the words of the national anthem, in deference to a person whose function he does not support, he would have been criticised for being a hypocrite. I look forward to when the monarchy is abolished and the awful national anthem replaced by one which is truly national in that it encompasses the whole country and not one pampered individual.

Barrie Dalby

By email


MPs should fight to banish extremism

Now that the Labour Party has decided to abdicate its role as the main opposition party, disenchanted Labour supporters should resist the urge to flee elsewhere.

The policies of Mr Corbyn are not only unrealistic they are dangerous. So far, his actions have been shambolic causing even more harm to party and country. The wishes of the vast majority of Labour MPs have been overridden by £3 a head non-Labour supporters. Even shadow ministers are in open defiance at Corbyn’s edicts which demonstrate economic illiteracy.

Responsible Labour MPs must acknowledge the disaster that has befallen them and fight to ensure extremism is banished. If not, they face certain electoral catastrophe.
Dr Barry Clayton

Fieldfare Close



Ofsted should 
show the way

Sir Michael Wilshaw, head of Ofsted, suggests it is the lack of support and badly behaved pupils that causes four out of 10 teachers to quit after the first year.

What nonsense!

There have always been children who were badly behaved and always will be.

The hated Ofsted is a relative newcomer.

It would create more respectability if inspectors, on witnessing a poor lesson, were prepared to give a demonstration showing how it might be improved.

Mr D Cook

Via email