Letters - September 24, 2014

The new car park at Blackpool Victoria Hospital
The new car park at Blackpool Victoria Hospital
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Residents parking scheme

Not wanted

The councillors at Blackpool Council are once again trying to force a ‘Residents Only’ parking scheme in the streets around Victoria Hospital.

This is despite two previous attempts to impose such a scheme being overwhelmingly rejected on the grounds the vast majority of residents do not want a scheme.

Since the last attempt to implement a scheme, Victoria Hospital has built a multi 
storey car park to resolve parking problems and residents of Milton Avenue and St Clements Avenue have also had their problems resolved by bringing in their own scheme.

Part of the scheme is aimed at stopping the anti-social 
behaviour of leaving the engine running while parked. I had never realised that was such a problem.

However the effect of that means ice cream vans would be liable for a ticket!

I feel the greatest objection to this scheme is that, if implemented, vehicles such as ambulances and fire engines would not be able to navigate between parked cars without risking damage to both themselves and the parked vehicles.

It is also worth the council noting refuse collection wagons are wider than emergency vehicles. It appears they have overlooked that.

Also, the only two roads in the whole area excluded from the proposal, Newton Drive and Grange Road, would have all the displaced parking imposed upon them.

There will be newly created parking problems as residents will be restricted to the number of cars at their own house.

My sympathy for the few who may be experiencing a problem is reduced when I consider the problem was there when either they bought their house or when they failed to object to expansion of the hospital etc without adequate additional parking facilities.

Sympathy is further reduced when I have to pay an additional £25 per year to the council when the scheme is implemented (£12.50 for my car and £12.50 for a visitor’s car).

That’s equivalent to a four per cent hike in my council tax. Never mind the additional £30 for the odd time I (or my visitor) carelessly parked the car the wrong way around or similar.

In my opinion, it would be cheaper for the residents to provide taxis for those with a problem, rather than have a `Residents Only` scheme imposed for the purpose of solving the problems of a few.

Or better still the few could buy all the parking permits for the many.

John Harrison

Ingleway Avenue


Good news for landlords


Blackpool residential land-lords are delighted to read that almost £30m is to be made available ‘ in loans and grants for the improvement of the private rented housing sector’.

This is terrific news and should certainly go a long way in enabling landlords to upgrade their properties.

The council is to be congratulated on this package.

Landlords I have spoken to have not so far learned how the grants and loans are to be made available and they are most keen to hear more.

A recent letter from B.C. Lettings, the Blackpool Council Lettings Service office, 
acknowledges the important role of private sector landlords in providing accommodation in Blackpool. This is believed to be about 24 per cent of the homes in the town.

John McGlynn

Fylde Coast Landlords’ Forum

Correct bus number

Great views

As someone who enjoys 
walking and photography in the Lake District, I was 
interested in Bob Clare’s article on his walk to the Kirkstone Inn (Gazette, September 20).

I hope he will not object if I correct one point.

The seasonal open-top bus service between Bowness and Grasmere is number 599 and not 555.

The 555 is the trunk service through Central Lakeland operating between Keswick and Lancaster.

It operates throughout the year and affords excellent views from the top deck of the well appointed buses.

Happy walking and riding.

Harry Postlethwaite

Author - Cumberland Motor Services 1912-2012

Norkeed Road

Little Bispham

Models should cheer up

Too sullen

On the Catwalk (Gazette, September 17), what a bunch of 
sullen looking young ladies (in Top Shop’s ‘Blackpool Pleasurebeach collection’).

They wanted to ‘capture that real spirit of youth in northern England.’

They looked totally fed up.

I hope this is not the real spirit of youth in northern England.

Kevin Gooder

Clinton Avenue