Letters - September 23, 2015

Regent Cinema, Church Street, Blackpool
Regent Cinema, Church Street, Blackpool
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A collection to rival fashionable London

I thoroughly enjoyed the invite to perform with The Galleonairs at The Regent, Vintage, Retro, Craft fair festival last weekend.

This event was organised by the stallholders themselves, with fund-raising for Trinity Hospice and Donna’s Dream House.

The Regent Picturehouse, as it was originally known, opened in 1921 and closed as a cinema around 1970. For many years the building was used a popular bingo hall and later as Riley’s snooker hall. It closed in 2010 and remained vacant in deteriorating state of repair for 3 years.

Just over two years ago, the Regent faced potential demolition, like the former ABC Theatre has.

However, over the past two years the new owner, Richard Taylor, and a team of enthusiasts have created a real community den of three floors selling retro items and antiques and a lovely little cafe.

I was very impressed with the collection of retro and interesting items on sale, and they deserve to do well.

In an age of younger generations purchasing secondhand items on eBay, it’s my view they have been missing out one of Blackpool’s best kept secrets. If The Regent Antiques Hall was located in London’s fashionable bohemian areas, such as Camden or Shoreditch, the items on sale would be at least double the price.

I was so impressed with The Regent and its retro atmosphere I am pleased to include this historic building as an additional fringe venue for The Blackpool Jazz and Blues festival next April.

The Galleonairs Band will be performing our final outdoor dates this weekend, both on Saturday and Sunday afternoons in St John’s Square.

We are proud to have raised thousands of pounds this summer for Trinity Hospice and made a positive contribution to help brighten up the town centre.

Stephen Pierre

via email


Spend money on free tram passes

Whilst not wishing to make any adverse comment on the re-opening of Norbreck North tram stop, I see that the 2012 estimated cost was £180,000.

This is the same amount needed to restore the concessionary travel to the much deserving pensioner residents of Cleveleys and Fleetwood.

I wonder how many residents of Norbreck will benefit, compared with numbers of Cleveleys and Fleetwood residents who would benefit from the same amount of spending?

It surely seems a most inequitable way for our local councils to allocate scarce resources.

Gemma Jackson

Stockdove Wood



Meet your local police volunteer

My popular Police Community Surgery will take place at Elswick Farmers’ Market this Saturday, September 26, from 10am to noon.

There will be advice, support and, of course, reassurance on offer, as well as bike coding, so please bring your bike along!

I look forward to meeting residents and indeed listening to any concerns.

For further details, and indeed details of all of my Police Community Surgeries right across Fylde, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Andrew Noble

Police Community Volunteer



Sound blighted Proms occasion

I was looking forward to the programme The Last Night of the Proms, but where the public are included there is always a background of drumming, regardless of any other sound in the programme, and it just about drives you mad.

The only thing is to switch off. I have previously written to the BBC about this but, of course, they justify the need and give no explanation for this noise.

It has never been as bad before we had all the digital programmes. Could there be any solution?

Mrs V Lloyd

address supplied


MPs must fight to save Labour party

Now that the Labour Party has decided to abdicate its role as the main opposition party, disenchanted Labour supporters should resist the urge to flee elsewhere in politics.

The policies of Mr Corbyn are not only unrealistic, they are dangerous.

So far, his actions have been shambolic, causing even more harm to party and country.

The wishes of the vast majority of Labour MPs have been overridden by newly-arrived £3 a head non-Labour supporters.

Even Labour’s shadow ministers are in open defiance at Corbyn’s edicts which demonstrate economic illiteracy.

Responsible Labour MPs must acknowledge the disaster that has befallen them and fight to ensure extremism is banished. If not, they face certain electoral catastrophe.

Dr Barry Clayton

Fieldfare Close



Going back to 1970s might not be so bad

Well, if good old Jeremy has done nothing else, he has given the tabloids endless amusement, digging up reams of past deeds, either his, or some long-gone relative. One has some relative oppressing the poor in a long-gone workhouse!

All obviously true, if the papers say so.

The bit that rang the loudest bell for me, was penned by Richard Madeley. He reckons Corbyn will, given the chance, transport us back to the 1970s. I wouldn’t mind, I had never heard of Madeley in the 70s!

Happy days.

Allan Fazackerley

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