Letters - September 22, 2011

The Blackpool Transport Travel and Road Safety Team Golden Girl with her golden tickets, which she will be giving out on Blackpool buses and trams.
The Blackpool Transport Travel and Road Safety Team Golden Girl with her golden tickets, which she will be giving out on Blackpool buses and trams.
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YOUR article ‘Bus prize if you leave car at home’(Gazette, September 17), has spurred me on to complain regarding recent changes to the timetables of the No.16 and the No.9 buses, as follows:

The recent appointment of a new Blackpool Transport manager seems to have coincided with the length of time between buses turning up on certain routes.

For instance, in the past I used to catch the No16 bus (South Shore to Fleetwood) to get me to work in the morning. Now, suddenly, timetables have changed to a situation where I cannot get a No.16 bus in time to start work at 6.30am. I have to walk from Poulton Road to Benson Road (near Crossley’s Bridge). As a result, I’m 15 minutes late for work every day.

But I have noticed Blackpool Transport operates a service for its own staff at 6am every day – I’m all right Jack.

Of an evening, I like to go into Cleveleys using the No.9 bus from Benson Road. It has been virtually impossible to catch a No.9 bus back to Benson Road – having to wait anything from one to nearly two hours.

Last Thursday, I waited from 8.50pm to 10.15pm for a No.9 bus. I rang the bus depot, only for the member of staff to tell me that the bus had broken down, without any word of apology. The bus eventually came along at 10.20pm.

The driver informed me that no bus had broken down and that the service was running a non-workable timetable – in other words they run when they like. These two bus services are now a joke, and should be reinstated to running every 15 to 20 minutes.

I buy a weekly bus pass for £12.50, but can’t use it at night, so have to pay for taxis instead. Is this Blackpool Transport’s idea of saving me money?

Your article states that “from Monday next, members of Blackpool Council’s Travel and Road Safety team will be hopping on buses to award pairs of golden tickets to lucky passengers on each of the 14 bus routes run by Blackpool Transport”.

I suggest one of these “members” accompanies me for a week as I attempt to journey to work each morning on the No.16, and then at night, trying to get home on the No.9.

I can assure you these experiences would certainly not tempt anyone to leave their car at home.

In fact, if I relied on the No.16 to get me to work for 6.30am every morning, I would certainly not be getting any prizes from my employers, in fact, just the opposite.

Please have a rethink Blackpool Transport, and show some consideration for those trying to get to work early in the morning and home again at night.


Argosy Avenue, Layton

I LIVE at Little Bispham and use the Lower Promenade most days.

It always gets me annoyed to see the amount of mobile caravans and coaches parked down there, as many as 20 or more at the weekend.

If they had to pay surely it would bring revenue in to fill the potholes etc in the road. There are not many holiday resorts that allow free parking on a promenade, so why here, and why coaches when there is a coach park in Blackpool?

This has been going on for years. Come on Blackpool, let’s get some money back in your coffers. I know lots of people who feel as l do.


Little Bispham