Letters - September 21, 2012

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I WRITE to clarify a number of issues raised by correspondents to your letters page about the council’s decision to defer the plans for a new Booths store in Poulton.

First of all I think it is important to point out that we do not own the Teanlowe Centre.

While we would certainly agree that there is a need to invest in the centre as part of a comprehensive town centre regeneration scheme, we do not and never have owned the Teanlowe.

We do, however, own the Market Hall, which was rather run down with a great number of empty units when we purchased it in 2010.

Since then we have invested time and money into the centre and it is now fully let and home to a good number of local, independent businesses.

I would also like to give some background to the planning authority deferring the decision on the Booths application at their meeting on September 5.

We believe there were a number of fundamental flaws in the way the application had been processed, and these were highlighted by our company in a detailed objection to Wyre 
Borough Council and Lancashire Council on August 1.

These concerns, however, were not addressed in the council’s report to members of the planning committee, which is why we outlined our concerns again and requested that the planning application be deferred so that all the outstanding issues could be properly addressed.

The council’s decision to defer the planning application followed the advice of its own counsel.

We know that the town centre is in need of development and investment, but it has to be done in the right way with a full and proper assessment of traffic and air quality.


Head of communications

Dransfield Properties


South Yorkshire

GIVE contracts to local companies – what a great idea!

Why didn’t local councils think of this before?

Pity Blackpool Coun Tony Williams has conveniently forgotten that it was a 
Conservative Government that introduced compulsory competitive tendering, and more than embraced European Union legislation that made this illegal.

I doubt very much whether the present government or, indeed, a future Labour one would reverse that legislation now.

Alan Hunter


WHAT a truly uplifting story in The Gazette about the 1948 football programme advertised in the Cash In supplement by Phil Shaw, and now in the possession of 90-year-old 
Jack Crompton, the last surviving player of a time when the game wasn’t in the mess it is today with its prima donna players.

The kindliness of Mr Shaw in using the money received to purchase life-saving equipment has my utter 
admiration – God bless you sir, a true gentleman.


Mooretree Drive