Letters - September 20, 2013

The Samuel Fletcher lifeboat awaiting renovation after falling into disrepair
The Samuel Fletcher lifeboat awaiting renovation after falling into disrepair
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Brave lifeboat resuce

The Abana

I really enjoyed Damon Lynch’s article about lifeboats in the “Why I Love” section of the FY1 supplement (September 16).

Brave lifeboat resuce

The Abana

I really enjoyed Damon Lynch’s article about lifeboats in the “Why I Love” section of the FY1 supplement (September 16).

Further to Damon’s research on the Abana rescue in 1894, he was right about the lifeboat first covering several miles on land from Blackpool to Bispham for what was an amazing rescue.

The call to the lifeboat from the crew of the Abana was: “How many can you take?”

The call from the lifeboat back to the Abana was: “We’ll take all of you!”

The lifeboat was so overloaded that the crew had to get out and push the boat over the sand banks. As I’ve said, an amazing rescue!

That boat was the lifeboat Robert William, prior to the Samuel Fletcher. The original Samuel Fletcher, as supplied to Blackpool weighed in at three tons and was too heavy. So it was requested that the builders supply a light pulling boat more suitable for shore launching.

This the builders did and the new lifeboat was called the Samuel Fletcher of Manchester.

It came into service in 1896 and served until 1930, weighing in at two tons.

Damon was right in his assumption that this is the boat that was used on Stanley Lake Park.

The Samuel Fletcher of Manchester was then saved from oblivion by a few Blackpool people and placed at TS Penelope with the intention of the cadets making it into a project.

Unfortunately this did not happen. The Samuel Fletcher of Manchester was then moved to the Illuminations department off Squires Gate Lane and is earmarked to be moved to Hayling Island, near Portsmouth, for renovation.

The work continues. Damon and anyone else who would like to join the Friends of the Samuel Fletcher Group would be very welcome and they can get more details by ringing me on (01253) 766056.

Bruce Allen

Hawkshead Terrace


Brush ing your teeth

No flouride

After getting a free breakfast courtesy of the council tax payers , do the schoolchildren of Blackpool get to clean their teeth?

Actually, if the need for food is down to neglectful parents I cannot see those self same parents bothering too much about their kids having toothpaste at home.

Brush at least twice a day we’re told.

So, instead of subjecting all the population to the effects of fluoride, why not cut a deal with a fluoride toothpaste manufacturer and make sure the children get clean teeth at least once a day - after a meal?

Keith Hallam

South Shore

Selfish motorists

On camera

We all grumble about the delays caused by roadworks, but they have to be seen as a necessary evil if we want a better transport infrastructure.

Currently there are tailbacks during the morning and teatime “rush” as traffic attempts to cross Plymouth Road roundabout on the edge of the Grange Park estate.

The actual roadworks are slightly north of there but gridlock is being caused at the roundabout by the acts of drivers who are either selfish or stupid.

Or perhaps a mixture of both.

I was a passenger in a friend’s car when I took this photograph (above) showing drivers with a total disregard for the red “Keep junction clear” signs placed prominently around the roundabout.

It took several cycles of the traffic signals before anyone approaching from St Walburgas Road, ourselves included, could even get on the roundabout because the way ahead was blocked by motorists.

How about a police officer or two being despatched to the area to catch the culprits whose actions add to the general disruption?

After all, there is no chance of finding or fining any speeding motorists at this place at the moment.

Carl Devlin


Give us a music festival

Good time

I attended the Liverpool Music Festival, formerly the Beatles Festival, in August.

This year it was in Sefton Park instead of Matthew Street and surrounding streets.

There were people of all ages and abilities and prams, bikes, skateboards and wheelchairs.

There were helter skelters, chill-out areas with bean bags, acrobatic displays and inexpensive food stands.

The security people gave you plastic glasses for your drink which you could take in with you. People had picnics and a real good time. There were 130,000 people in the park the day I was there and not one bit of bother.

The bands were great, Rebecca Ferguson, The Christians and it was all free. A well organised and marvellous festival. Why can’t Blackpool do similar, say in Stanley Park?

Worth thinking about.

Mrs J Walker

Honeysuckle Place


Plastic bank notes

Wash away?

Love the idea of washable plastic bank notes, it will make ‘money laundering’ acceptable.

Malcolm Boyce