Letters - September 20, 2012

The revamped exterior of Abingdon Street Market in Blackpool.
The revamped exterior of Abingdon Street Market in Blackpool.
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AS a customer of long standing (40 years) at Abingdon Street Market, I can say it is truly a people’s market, a jewel in the crown of 

The variety of goods on sale, with the friendly disposition of the various stall owners towards the customers, friendly and smiling, “pleased to see you”, is the order of the day.

I would also like to say “welcome” to the ghosts who have been seen on a photograph and on the security cameras.


Dinmore Avenue

Grange Park

How do you explain the shooting of two unarmed women police officers?

I heard about the awful events on my way back from a meeting of some of us with ACPO Disability lead chief constable Simon Cole working on the way that police forces are implementing the EHRC report on disability harassment to help us all as disabled victims of crime. So this comparison of the potential reality of day to day policing hits hard.

There must be no knee jerk reactions, other than the recognition that the work we all do together is so important, so may they rest in peace, and may real justice happen for them and their families.


Disability Hate 
Crime Network


The shocking report on the Burden of Liver Disease and inequalities in the North West of England showing a 20 per cent increase in the number of men dying from the disease in the past five years should not be used as an excuse to impose a 50p minimum price per unit on 
alcoholic drinks.

Raising the price of alcohol, through ever increasing duties, has made little impact to the attitudes of alcohol and merely punishes the majority of sensible drinkers. It is perhaps no coincidence that as the number of pubs in the North West have closed their doors for the last time, the liver disease rate in the region has shot up as an increasing number of people choose to drink at home, on their own, unsupervised.


UKIP North West MEP

At last Blackpool Council is accepting that cycle lanes are not working. A survey suggests the majority of cyclists prefer the pavements.

The council in its wisdom is considering extending pavements to accommodate cycle lanes. I would suggest a compulsory warning signal. Someone should be able to think of an appropriate warning that alerts pedestrians to beware an approaching cyclist from behind at speed. I think a speed limit should be applied so perhaps no more sore elbows from silent speedsters.


Clinton Avenue


I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Blackpool South MP Gordon Marsden (pictured).

My brother-in-law, 63, a lifelong Blackpool constituent, was diagnosed with dementia in August 2011. My sister and 11-year-old nephew have been through an extremely distressing time since that date, due to his rapidly deteriorating condition. Because of numerous issues within the health and social services, I attempted to seek help for all three. As a last resort, I contacted Mr Marsden with a desperate plea for assistance. I received a reply the very next day, and thanks to his intervention, an investigation was launched and shortfallings revealed. All three are now receiving full support and adequate measures are in place. Blackpool is very fortunate to have a gentleman of Mr Marsden’s calibre. Retain him for as long as you can.


Droitwich Spa