Letters - September 1st

ANGERPR 'Brenda Peters with her brother Trevor Richardson who died in the Albert Road fire
ANGERPR 'Brenda Peters with her brother Trevor Richardson who died in the Albert Road fire
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THE article ‘Sister’s Anger Over Killer’s Jail Release’ (Gazette, August 20) wrongly claimed Victim Support contacted Brenda Peters to inform her the man who killed her brother would be released from prison early and did not explain why.

We feel it’s important to set the record straight about who is responsible for this task.

It’s actually the role of the Probation Service’s victim liaison teams to tell victims and witnesses about the early release of certain offenders, as well as the reasons behind it.

Victim Support is a totally separate charity that gives emotional and practical help to thousands of victims and witnesses every day.

We campaigned for years for the Probation Service to contact victims in this way, but it’s not a job we can or should do ourselves. We don’t even have access to information about the status of offenders, let alone responsibility for communicating it to victims.

We strongly believe the various arms of the criminal justice system need to ensure all victims and witnesses are continuously updated about any progress or changes related to their case so they can prepare themselves to handle new situations such as offenders being set free.

Being a victim of crime can be devastating and not being told the offender is being released early from prison or why they are, can lead to re-victimisation, particularly if they accidentally bump into the offender in the community.

If you have been a victim or witness of crime, you can contact our support line on 0845 30 30 900 to get help.


Divisional manager

Victim Support Lancashire and Cumbria

THE fall of the Gaddafi regime in Libya puts me in mind of a simple yet universal truth, that seems to be forgotten by every dictator or so-called liberator of a country, with which another does not agree.

The simple truth is no matter how abhorrent we view any government, and no matter how we would love to put that country on the “right track”, we should first remind ourselves that “you cannot rule without the consent of the people”.

The regime in Libya simply lost the consent of the people to rule and was doomed from day one.


Preesall Ward

Wyre Council

MY sister and I went to see our favourite comedian at the Grand Theatre – Billy Pearce. What a wonderful evening.

With a small but superb supporting cast, Billy was his usual very funny self. We have been to his shows for the last 10 years and enjoyed every one.

Judging by the reaction of the packed theatre, of all ages, they thought the same.


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