Letters - September 19, 2014

Stanley Matthews & Stan Mortensen, October 1953.
Stanley Matthews & Stan Mortensen, October 1953.
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Not feasible in uk


The link between fracking and our appalling roads in the county are massive.

On Saturday at an event at the Winter Gardens I was talking with a man who had made his money fracking in the US for some years.

Neither pro or anti fracking, his opinion was we can’t do fracking because our roads are too small and in disrepair.

He explained the logistics of getting sand to the pumps on time, and said it’s just not feasibly possible in the UK.

I have been banging on about the state of the roads and the lack of money for them for ages, and the 
environmental impact to our roads and communities by increasing traffic for fracking.

It’s not one or two isolated fracking sites, but 120 sites during the first phase, then 330 to 380 sites. It will take over all our rural roads.

Then there will be pressure on the NHS if fracking gets the full scale go-ahead, with respiratory problems etc caused by the dust and fumes .

John Warnock

Blackpool and Fylde Green Party

Don’t run down our club


I am a long- time supporter of Blackpool Football Club, who moved south some years ago, but I go to games whenever possible if they play down here.

It is shameful how the current owners, having helped to save the club in the past, have absolved themselves 
of responsibility to upkeep the tradition that saw the club so successful in the past.

Has the club to be run down back to the state it was in when the owners took over, before things change?

Does the era of Stanley 
Matthews, Stan Mortensen, Jimmy Armfield mean nothing?

It is such a shame for the 
image of the town.

Ian McDonald

(By email)

‘Loophole’ lawyer


What sort of message does it send out to the youth of today, organising for students to question ‘loophole lawyer’ Nick Freeman 
(Gazette, September 10)?

That the law can be 
manipulated to the advantage of someone who has committed a felony.

The lawyer has not done this out of a sense of fair justice, he has done it for the money.

Ambulance chasers come to mind.

My pet hate is the abuse by lawyers of legal aid.

They encourage convicted criminals to pursue appeals, knowing full well of failure, but a nice little earner for them.

We have too many lawyers in Parliament with biased opinions.

Kevin Gooder

Clinton Avenue


Come back America!


The pecking order of the globe has been changing quite a bit and it’s not in our favour.

Countries like China, 
India and Russia are quickly becoming predominant on the global stage.

American independence has been a failed experiment and we must return to being a part of Great Britain.

Our compatriots in 
Canada, Australia and New Zealand should also join us on a return to the UK and more prosperous times.

We are all clearly one people as British colonised nations, sharing a unified English-speaking culture and legal system.

An Anglosphere Union would be much more cohesive than the European Union has been.

I am proud of my British 
culture as an English-speaking American from New Jersey.

We need to stop denying our proud past and celebrate our bonds with the rest of the 
English-speaking world through reunification with 
our true home country: Britain. Bring back the British 
empire and God Save the Queen.

Eric Hafner

Toms River

New Jersey


Spend road money wisely


Why do the people in charge of our roads insist on making changes which are so obstructive to drivers?

Motorists are already having to contend with the closure of part of Midgeland Road, which has led to congestion on Queensway at rush hour times.

But on top of that, has been the recent addition of 
so-called traffic calming 
measures along Cropper 

This means traffic must give way to on-coming drivers at various points along the way.

I certainly do not advocate speeding drivers, but in my opinion this work is a waste of money and has done nothing more than create another blockage on a road which is a vital link.

It is a road which drivers did not speed along anyway because it is not very wide to start with.

Also, the standard of building work to create the build-outs is very poor in my view and the whole scheme just looks ugly.

Why didn’t they just leave it alone?

Surely there are much 
more pressing road schemes on which the money
 could have been better 

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