Letters - September 18, 2014

MONEY MAN One reader says Labour were taking the country in the right direction, but Prime Minister David Cameron and his cabinet have made matters worse again
MONEY MAN One reader says Labour were taking the country in the right direction, but Prime Minister David Cameron and his cabinet have made matters worse again
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Recession woes

I would like to reply to 
Gordon McCann’s letter (Gazette, September 9).

I notice elections are getting nearer – the Tories are kicking off again. 
In case Gordon McCann and his cronies had not noticed, just before Labour lost the election Alistair Darling was getting us out of it. 
Along came the posh boys Cameron and Osborne and wreck it again and may I remind the Tories it was a worldwide recession – was that Labour’s fault as well?
The posh Bullingdon boys will never admit to mistakes, they don’t run the country for the people but for the Tory party.

Peter Elliott

Palatine Road


Awards event


The National Autistic Society is calling on local people affected by autism to nominate individuals and services that have made a difference to their lives for the third annual Autism Professionals Awards.
We know that groundbreaking work in the field of autism is going on across the UK and we get together once a year to recognise the individuals behind this and to celebrate their achievements.
We would like to hear about innovative organisations, committed professionals and passionate volunteers who have gone the extra mile to help local people with autism and their families. Perhaps it’s a teacher who has helped a child with autism to take huge steps forward at school or a social club that has helped an adult with the condition to improve their social skills. Whatever the story, we want to hear it.
You can find out more about the 13 awards categories and nominate a deserving 
individual or service by visiting www.autismprofessionalsawards.org.uk
Nominations for the 
Autism Professionals Awards 2015 close on Friday 31 October 2014.
Carol Povey
Director of the National Autistic Society’s Centre for Autism


Check your shed

As once again our gardening days draw to a close, may I appeal to readers to check sheds and greenhouses to make sure a curious cat has not crept in unnoticed and fallen asleep before you lock them up for the winter.

Trapped inside, the poor creature would die in agony as it slowly starved to death and its owner would be sick with worry as to what had happened to it.

A quick check could save a tragedy.

Josephine Harwood

Moor Park Avenue



Public money

I am responding to views of Stephen Pierre, owner of town centre Galleon Bar late night/early morning venue, over Blackpool Illuminations’ “shortfall” and the need for the Lights to be “extended” (Letters, September 13).

Blackpool Council charges residents annually for the Illuminations which, significantly, Blackpool pubs and clubs/hotels fail to financially sponsor, yet wants lights extensions solely for further massive profits.

More public revenue is put into Illumination maintenance than more urgent social services, and the Illuminations are not “inadequate” as night venues claimed.

Public council taxes should not be used to promote vast profits of pub/club owners.

Robert McDougall

Full address supplied


Independence vote

As the Scottish independence referendum nears its 
conclusion, the Labour, 
Conservative and Lib-Dem Party leaders, out of sheer panic, have all travelled to Scotland to demonstrate their support to retain the 300-year union that created the UK.
It is strange that all three parties supported devolution, agreed to the referendum, but, probably because of complacency, appeared to do little to persuade the voters of the benefits of being a part of the 
The referendum that we should be having is that of our membership of the European Union and the independence of the United Kingdom, this would have done more to unite the nation than the fiasco north of the border that was created by our failed 
politicians. All three parties have at some stage offered us a referendum in their election manifestos yet we are still waiting. 
David Cameron has promised one in 2017 ( if still in office), yet Ed Miliband and Labour now refuse point blank to 
allow one.
A yes vote for Scottish independence could trigger the break-up of the UK , something that the EU would relish, could this then be the reason that the Europhile Mr 
Miliband rules out British people having a say in their future?

Philip Griffiths

North West President UKIP