Letters - September 18, 2013

Duggie Chapman.
Duggie Chapman.
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Blackpool variety

Good night

Blackpool has suffered from adverse publicity of late but one thing which Blackpool has is great theatre.

The recent Opera House show put on by Duggie Chapman would fill any theatre.

A variety show of talent for young and old with Jess Conrad, Freddie Davies, a bunch of young dancers and music to suit everyone.

More of this please! Long may the variety theatre be a part of Blackpool.

Mike Gannon

Babylon Lane
Heath Charnock

Moss Road

No entry

It has been acknowledged that the Moss Road between Division Lane, St Annes and Whitehill Road, Marton, is used by thousands of motorists every day yet Lancashire County Council has closed it until the end of February.

While I appreciate there is a weakness to the underlying structure of the road and this naturally needs investigating, I can’t believe any other thoroughfare in the Fylde, that gives such direct access to the motorway, would be closed for this length of time.

The people of Park Ward and surrounding areas, who use this road on a daily basis, need the problem rectifying as soon as possible and I am sure the people who use Queensway on a regular basis would be very happy to see the Moss Road users return to their regular route.

I agree that a dual carriageway is what’s needed there and there are plans for this to happen in the future, but in the mean time please can we have our road assessed and repaired as a matter of urgency, not in six months time.

Shirley Green

Waddington Road

St Annes

Cyber bullying

Close sites?

I find it ridiculous whenever a child is bullied online, there is a call to ban the site.

Such is the mindset these days, to blame the place, virtual or physical, where undesirable people peddle their evil ways. Let’s get the most important fact on this matter straight.

In the cases of cyber bullying, it is the person doing the bullying who is in the wrong, not the site. Cyber bullies thrive on seeing their abuse working, so never never reply to them.

When cases of this kind of abuse hit the media, it only serves to boost the bullies sick ego and fuel further abuse.

These people are sub- normal in intellect and sadly are spread throughout all levels of society.

We reap what we sow and can blame TV even more than the internet for debased values when you consider that, murder, rape, perversion of course of justice, deceit of every kind and a mass of bullying occurs on a regular seven days a week on pre-watershed programmes such as the soaps, let alone those later in the evening.

Children are growing up in their wake, totally indoctrinated, so it is no surprise bullies and worse emerge to have a new found home on the internet.

All websites with public forums reflect society as a whole and it comes as a shock to many, particularly the young, just how cruel humans are.

These sites are a mirror of us all, but are to be embraced, not closed down, so that we can see how we truly are in order to improve.

Chris Wiseman

South Shore

The Supernatural


I’d like to enlist the help of Gazette readers with a book on which I am currently working.

Has anyone out there had a supernatural experience? Perhaps you have seen or heard a ghost, human, animal or other, or felt an ‘atmosphere’ at a particular location, or had a dream or a vision or a message from a loved one?

All experiences must be original and linked with Lancashire. Precise locations will not be published, and feel free to use a pseudonym if you wish.

Christine Clayton

5 Church View



L39 6TQ

Tel: (01695) 421833



Public transport access


The National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT) welcomes the Transport Select Committee report on disabled access to transport services.

It rams the message home that access is already poor and will get a whole lot worse if they don’t pull back from plans to axe 14,000 guards, station and ticket office staff under their McNulty rail review.

Bus services, often the local transport lifeline, also face decimation.

Making physical improvements to stations also doesn’t take away from the importance of having staffed stations to help all travellers make safe and secure journeys.

RMT will work with disability groups to ensure this report is used to the full as a campaigning tool as we fight the cuts plans which will leave people with disabilities effectively barred from transport services.

Bob Crow

RMT General