Letters - September 17, 2014

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Pensioner’s woe

Trains crowded

I must write about Northern Rail’s fare increases –it’s the great train robbery!

I was at Oxford Road and Piccadilly in Manchester last Tuesday at 5.50pm and 10.30pm and there was terrible overcrowding.

Why should I pay good money to travel on trains like this?

I speak as an ex-rail man of 40 years who worked on the locos at Crewe.

M Armstrong

Tulloch Court,


Squires Gate

Invest in airport

I wrote in The Gazette a couple of weeks ago with regards to the sale of the Blackpool Airport business and we have not heard a great deal of response.

I was wondering what is happening with regards to the sale. If it does go through let’s hope the new owners take on board and address the basic issues to facilitate the car park area and the cafe area made bigger. If Jet2 ever pulls out from Blackpool it will have a real impact, not only on the local economy, but also the town which is trying to re-emerge through this long lasting recession.

Even in Government figures, Blackpool as a holiday resort is not back to its best and the local authorities need to invest a lot to restore our resort for the future generations to come.

M Jamil

Via email

Bake for the children

Cake sale appeal

Appearing on BBC One’s Great British Bake Off changed my life.

Baking is my passion and it’s now a joy to be able to share that passion every day.

If you’re feeling inspired to create your very own ‘showstopper’ or ‘signature bake’ this autumn, why not use your enthusiasm and creativity for a good cause and host a bake sale for Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity.

The charity is inviting budding bakers to get involved in Bake it Better Week from 13 – 19 October and raise vital funds to make a difference for very ill children and their families from across the UK.

You can host your bake sale at work, school, or with family and friends - it couldn’t be easier.

Don’t worry if you produce a soggy bottom or two, Mary and Paul won’t be there to judge!

Check out bakeitbetter.org for recipes from 
patients, hospital staff and celebrities (including my very own Peanut Butter Chocolate Cupcakes) and request a baking pack choc-full of fund-raising tips and materials.

Your funds will help to provide new state of the art buildings and facilities for patients and their families, with space for a parent to sleep comfortably by their child’s bedside, giving 
everyone peace of mind.

Rise to the challenge, and take part in Bake it Better Week.

On your marks, get set... BAKE!

Glenn Cosby

Great British Bake Off 
contestant 2013

Blackpool football

Time to go Karl

I have got to write this letter to Mr Oyston to tell him to get on his bike and let a decent owner take the Blackpool team to where it should be – at the top.

I don’t think he cares if they score one goal or none, the only thing on his mind is the money.

So please do us all a favour and pass it on to some big boy who has plenty of money and who is not afraid to spend on the best players.

Margaret Crawford

Ashfield Avenue,Blackpool

Bloomfield Blues

Not all Karl’s fault

The fate of Blackpool Football Club fills me with despair but not all of it is the Oystons’ fault.

You cannot blame them for being reluctant to throw their money away on criminally extravagant players’ wages or agents fees.

That is not what true fans want.

We want to see success, obviously, but not a crippling financial cost and, to be fair, that’s what the Oystons brought with the promotion to the Premiership under Ian Holloway.

I admire Karl Oyston’s stance against agents and silly money transfers.

How many clubs have got into big trouble for overspending? QPR are facing sanctions even now.

If only we could get more of our own young footballers from the Fylde and Lancashire to show more determination and application and earn a place in the team.

Decent training facilities and community interaction 
would achieve that to some degree.

Then it would truly be the community’s club and its fate and fortunes would not simply be in the hands of some sugar daddy looking to do a bit of canny business or buy his place in the limelight.

B Holderness,


Supermarket generosity

Charity cheer

On behalf of everyone at Blackpool Lifeboat Station we would like to say a very big thank you to the management staff and customers of Sainsbury’s Red Bank Road.

They helped raise £315.13 at a recent collection in the store.

Once again thank you to 
everyone involved.

Christine Parry

RNLI Blackpool