Letters - September 16, 2014

Pitch battle A Blackpool fan wants to see change at the top despite the team's well earned draw with  Wolverhampton Wanderers on Saturday
Pitch battle A Blackpool fan wants to see change at the top despite the team's well earned draw with Wolverhampton Wanderers on Saturday
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Blackpool saga

Manager fiasco demands change

I have said it before and I’ll say it again, after the latest managerial fiasco, the Oystons must go.

If there was a referendum on the lines of the Scotland vote there would be a landslide among BFC fans for the owners of the club to sell up.

They have had opportunities in the past, such as enquiries from AFC Fylde owner David Haythornthwaite, who has seen his current club AFC Fylde go from strength to strength.

As for the Gary Rowett episode – well this hits a new low – offering the manager’s job to someone else while the fans’ favourite Jose Riga is still in the post is ludicrous.

And why did the talented Mr Rowett turn down the move to the Championship from Burton Albion in 
League Two?

This fiasco is making Blackpool the laughing stock of the football world and it just cannot go on.

We’ve heard enough from our best manager Ian Holloway, assistant manager de Roover and ex-players Burgess and Chopra to know the true story behind the scenes.

If Riga is sacked and the 
Oystons do not sell, the Blackpool Supporters Trust must come up with some plan to launch a boycott until the owners leave the Bloomfield Road stage.

Neill Kendall


Scottish question

Wrong referendum

As the Scottish independence referendum nears its conclusion the Labour, Conservative and Lib-Dem Party leaders, out of sheer panic, have all travelled to Scotland to demonstrate their support to retain the 300-year union that created the UK.

It is strange that all three parties supported devolution, agreed to the referendum, but, probably because of complacency, appeared to do little persuade the voters to the benefits of being a part of the UK. The referendum that we should be having is that of our membership of the European Union and the 
independence of the 
United Kingdom.

All three parties have at some stage offered us a 
referendum in their election manifestos yet we are still waiting.

David Cameron has promised one in 2017 (if still in office), yet Ed Miliband and Labour now refuse point blank to allow one.

A yes vote for Scottish independence could 
trigger the break-up of the UK, something that the 
EU would relish, could this then be the reason that the Europhile Mr Miliband rules out British people having a say in their 

Philip Griffiths,

North West President UKIP

Pensioners’ delight

Post office stars

When you’re an old age pensioner and feeling a bit down because you can’t be nineteen again don’t 

Just walk along Ashfield Road and pop into the post office.

As soon as you walk in the door, you feel the warmth and welcome from all the staff.

They call you by your first name and right away you are having a laugh and 
forget about your 

That’s the way all shops should treat OAPs.

We are still alive and kicking and deserve that sort of respect.

Margaret Crawford

Ashfield Road, Bispham

Scotland vote

Too many myths

All major events like wars are pervaded by myth.

The current furore over Scottish independence is another good example.

One of the most quoted arguments by the Yes campaigners is: “We Scots are different, our values are not the same”.

My mother was born and raised in Edinburgh and then spent 53 years in England.

She could never understand this argument, and neither can I. Perhaps someone could tell me what is the difference between Scottish and English values.

I suspect they are perceived values not real ones. There is a Freudian theory that argues that dislikes between countries and peoples are more intense the closer they are.

Could this be the reason for the nationalists desire to break away?

Regarding the vote, while the heart rules the emotions the head rules the economics. The result will be NO.

Dr Barry Clayton

Fieldfare Close,Cleveleys

Illuminations boost

Time to update

I would just like to echo something Stephen Pierre said in The Gazette’s letters column last week about the 

Although it still is the greatest free light show on earth, maybe it is time for a spot of updating here and there.

My children were really 
excited at the start of the drive through the lights, but very soon started losing interest at times.

Their attention was caught again when we neared The Tower which looks magnificent and the big wheel on Central Prom.

Movement and modern lighting being the key there. They also got excited when the traffic stopped outside a cheap golden mile shop selling spinning flashing knicknacks! A lesson to be learned?

A Kellet

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