Letters - September 16, 2011

Blackpool FC v Ipswich, at Bloomfield Road.'Gary Taylor-Fletcher celebrates his goal.  PIC BY ROB LOCK'10-9-2011
Blackpool FC v Ipswich, at Bloomfield Road.'Gary Taylor-Fletcher celebrates his goal. PIC BY ROB LOCK'10-9-2011
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THERE I was, a little old lady in her 70s, sitting in my armchair doing my crossword, when all of a sudden I had a brainwave.

Off I went to Bloomfield Road, bus pass in hand, and bought myself a ticket for the match between Blackpool and Ipswich.

All of a sudden, I’m in among hundreds of happy people that make you so welcome, and the attendants were so helpful.

When the first goal came, we jumped in the air shouting “Glad All Over”, the adrenalin shot through my body – better than any medicine you get at the doctor.

Then the second goal, and the stadium was like one big happy party, hundreds of people talking.

As for the game itself, one word – fantastic – and Ollie’s team were easily the better players.

Loved it, going next week.

It makes you feel so alive, so young, and thank you – so proud of our Blackpool team.


Ashfield Road,


FOR five or six weeks now, in this area, we have been receiving our mail late.

It has been arriving anytime between 1.45 and 3pm, with it arriving last Saturday at 3.45pm.

This I consider to be unacceptable, especially taking into account the high cost of postage.

I contacted Royal Mail three weeks ago.

Their reply was, “We have a licence to deliver mail, this mail to be delivered before 3pm,” – what I think is a very smug attitude. This late delivery is just for the convenience of Royal Mail, and no doubt is a cost-cutting exercise.


Harrogate Road


I FEEL I must write to defend our Illuminations.

I am fed up with people moaning about how poor the display is this year.

They have very short memories – they seem to have forgotten that, in last year’s storms, more than £1m worth of damage was done, and this year some moron caused the same amount of damage in an arson attack.

To replace the displays costs money, you would moan even more if council tax was increased.

So give it a rest!



WE used Jameson Tip while clearing out excess items, and were amazed to see how quickly the staff came to help out. Nothing seemed to be too much trouble and all were very cheerful.


The Paddock, Thornton