Letters - September 15, 2015

Jeremy Corbyn takes to the stage after he was announced as the Labour Party's new leader at a special conference at the QEII Centre in London.
Jeremy Corbyn takes to the stage after he was announced as the Labour Party's new leader at a special conference at the QEII Centre in London.
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This journey will split Labour party

The Labour leadership result is a disaster for the party. It also seriously weakens the democratic nature of our liberal democracy, for to be effective it is essential there is a credible opposition party. If not, governments can become complacent and arrogant.

Corbyn has buried New Labour. The journey for those who wish to return the party back towards an electable centre will be very difficult ; the journey will split the party.

Corbyn’s campaign fooled not only many people, it fooled those MPs who nominated him. Corbyn has made it clear he wants to purge the party of his critics. He regards the moderates as enemy.

Corbyn has stated he wants the UK out of NATO, and to scrap Trident. He has compared our armed forces to those of terrorists, claimed Hamas as his friend, supported Russia’s violation of the Ukraine, and said some ambiguous things about the Holocaust because he hates Israel.

This man’s views means he cannot possibly be made privy to key security intelligence.

A mass protest vote, largely based on an ignorance of political reality, together with the backing of left-wing unions, has resulted in out-of-date ideology becoming the altar at which a once proud party now worships.

It is a very sad day for democracy and one many will soon learn to regret.

Dr Barry Clayton

Fieldfare Close



I hope to prevent 
a similar crisis

In responding to my letter regarding the contamination of United Utilities water supply, I am afraid that Mr Potts (Your Say, September 11) has completely missed the point.

My criticism of the self-regulatory controls and the regulators was not that they didn’t pick up the contamination sooner, but the fact that it happened.

As a member of the County Council Development Control Committee, I sat through hours of evidence during the fracking debates, in which we were assured that the water pollution which has occurred in the United States and other countries where fracking has been allowed, could not happen here because the regulations in the UK are the best in the world.

Sadly, if the reports are true, it took a dead bird to expose this as a myth, contaminating the water supply for 300,000 people for a month in the process.

I can assure Mr Potts that, in drawing attention to this situation, I am not trying to justify my decision to vote against the fracking applications at Roseacre Wood and Plumpton. I believe that United Utilities failings have already done this for me.

I simply wish to protect the water supplies in the Fylde, and safeguard us from having to drink bottled water in the future.

Coun Paul Hayhurst

County Councillor, Fylde West


Staff give excellent care to the elderly

I found it extremely disturbing to read the front page headline article and see the photographs of Mrs Millard, following her fall at St Stephen’s Nursing Home, and I hope she makes a quick recovery (Gazette, September 10).

I have visited St Stephen’s Nursing Home, and others owned by the same local family, on many occasions, and I have always found the owners and staff to be very conscientious and caring.

Over many years, they have delivered excellent nursing and care to thousands of senior citizens. All their care homes are regularly independently inspected, and have always achieved good ratings for the service delivered, so I feel that it is most unfortunate that social media has been used to fan the flames of hysteria.

The Care Quality Commission should be allowed to report the facts of the case, and I hope that, in the meantime, the staff of St Stephen’s are allowed to continue to tend to the needs of the residents efficiently and conscientiously as they have done over many years.

Coun Don Clapham

Rockingham Road




Medical reasons for certain injuries

I have just read your front page article about the accident at St Stephen’s nursing home.

I recently had a cataract operation and, because I take warfarin ended up with an eye just as black as that shown in your photograph of Mrs Millard. I have had dreadful bruises from time to time, which I never had before taking warfarin.

I am staggered people can set themselves up as judge and jury on matters about which they have little knowledge.

M Meaney

via email


Gazette in tune with the community

I am just writing to thank The Gazette for a fantastic piece of editorial regarding our concert on September 13.

The piece you placed in your newspaper last week was perfect and helped us to a sell out concert tonight.

It is with the help of people such as yourselves that we all succeed.

Once again, a huge thank you and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Alexander Roe MBE


Blackpool Symphony Orchestra