Letters - September 15, 2011

Pictures Martin Bostock'St John's Square in Blackpool is now a bus free zone. / view
Pictures Martin Bostock'St John's Square in Blackpool is now a bus free zone. / view
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Being born and raised in Blackpool, despite all the critical remarks I am still proud being a sandgrown’un.

Yes, we do have problems, but so do many other towns.

I do agree that there are many shop names missing from our town centre, and we should not have to travel to Preston and other neighbouring towns, but it’s up to the people responsible to encourage more high street names.

And as to St John’s Square, it should be left free from traffic for the people of our town to enjoy, and appreciate an area free of congestion and noise. Other towns and cities have traffic-free squares, why should we have to change the ruling just to keep taxi drivers happy?


Lytham Road, Blackpool

FOLLOWING the letter from Helen Melrose (September 2) headed “Peaceful Prom”, I agree the Promenade looks lovely now it has been grassed – the only thing that is missing is the windmill.

Someone mentioned that it looks like Lytham Green, but again it needs the windmill. I hope this council will let us have the windmill back in all its glory. The parts are there, all it needs is the skirt.


South Promenade


I would like to thank the lady who came to our rescue at Lytham railway station last Friday.

We had arrived from Somerset by train, and knew we had to catch a bus to Birchwood Park, but had no idea of where the bus stop was, or the bus number.

This lady saw us looking lost, but did not just give us the bus information, she insisted on driving us to our destination.

We had a wonderful weekend, and found everyone so very friendly. So thanks to our knight in shining armour from Blackpool!

Val and Sandy

Clevedon, Somerset

I should like to thank the Gazette, especially Jacqui Morley’s recent article highlighting the plight of Marsh Mill, which prompted curious visitors to venture to the fifth floor and peer into the cap on Heritage Open Weekend.

Their appreciation of this hidden history, more than 200 years old, justified the efforts of the volunteers in helping to keep the windmill open every Saturday and Sunday, 10.30am to 4.30pm. Schools could also find this a stimulating resource.


Volunteer and member of North West Mills Group

readers who have received parking tickets from McDonalds may be assured that these are not ‘fines’.

In this country, fines can be awarded only by a court. What they have received is a civil claim for damages, and the suggestion they have cost McDonalds £100 is ludicrous.

They should return the ticket with a payment of £10 as “full and final settlement”.

Only by standing up to this will it be stopped.


Devonshire Road, Blackpool