Letters - September 14

Illuminations .
Illuminations .
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I AM very much thinking on the same lines as your reader a couple of weeks ago, when he says the Illuminations are the worst display in a long time.

The first display on the South Promenade doesn’t begin until Abercorn Place, a good 150-200 yards from the new arch. The Beaverbrooks display is one that has been there years, as it is a fixed display and it cannot be moved to another section.

The Metropole section is bare due to the recent tramway upgrade.

The tracks have been moved nearer the Metropole pavement, so the overhead is nearer the poles holding the wires up. That is why there are no lights on this section.

But I do agree the section between Uncle Tom’s Cabin and Bispham is awful.

There are hardly any lights at all except at Admiral Point (the ex-miners’ home), where there is a collection booth.

The Cliffside tableaux are very thin on the ground, and, in short, it looks like it has been put up in a hurry.

There is only one new section this year – the central section by The Tower. The rest are thrown together sections, which look like they haven’t really had a lot of thought on where each section should go.

I know the Promenade looks like a battlefield in places with cement mixers, bricks and concrete, but I must admit, the lights this year are not what they used to be – not by a long way.



Not sure why the Prom was closed all day. I understand there had been things built on the front, but the event was cancelled early morning. Everything should have been packed away by lunch. Traffic was a nightmare.


If you were allowed out cycling in force 8 gales, good for you, but these are cyclists who could be out of competition for months.


It was far too windy for the cyclist. I had to walk from my office in town to the car park near the railway station at about 2pm and I was nearly blown into the road.


I can’t believe they called the event off just because it’s a bit gusty, but then again yes I can. In this country, we’re so soft, we’re even frightened of the weather.

Charles Lightoller

IT has been distressing over the past days to read some of the negative comments about the merger of Arnold and KEQMS.

I attended Arnold school the first year they took girls, and I returned for the sixth form.

My experience of Arnold has been a joy. My brother attended Arnold, and my father taught in the senior school for more than 25 years – my own daughter is now in Year 11. What Arnold gives is not only an outstanding education, but a belief and inner confidence, and a genuine sense of social justice that I have taken into my working life.

It is vital the wellbeing and education of the children remains at the heart of the move to a new school and those who complain need to reflect on this.

While it is sad to see Arnold close, I am confident the new school will take from the best of both and provide an environment any parent would be proud to have their child educated in.


Thornhill Close


ON, September 5, I caught the No.14 bus to town. When I got off, I asked where the stop was for going home. He told me to go to Coronation Street.

At 8.40pm, I got to the bus stop waited. I was still there at 10pm, no bus. I then walked to Central Drive, where I was told the buses were on a different route.

Does anybody know which route the buses are going?

At my age – 67 – I do not want to stand at a bus stop for an hour which is not in use.


Grasmere Road


WHAT has happened to Blackpool?

I’ve been a visitor to Blackpool for the past 27 years, spending many a happy holiday here.

Walking from Bispham to the Gynn, I was saddened to see the sorry state of the Illuminations – where on earth have they all gone?

I know times change and old tableaux are replaced, but I have noticed the number of tableaux from Uncle Tom’s Cabin to Bispham has dwindled, until this year the gap has got wider.

Should the council not be putting more money into the Illuminations, instead of putting silly stone rocks on the Promenade? Wake up Blackpool Council, get your priorities right.