Letters - September 12, 2014

Photo Neil Cross'Supporters for the new ice rink, at the former TVR factory site, outside Blackpool Town Hall
Photo Neil Cross'Supporters for the new ice rink, at the former TVR factory site, outside Blackpool Town Hall
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Ice Rink issue

Sensible option

With regard to the Bispham Ice Rink story.

It’s important that clear geographical footprints that define industrial allocated areas and other sectors of the town are adhered to but common sense must also play a major factor when deciding planning applications that may cross over.

In regard to the Ice Rink my own personal feelings were that this was a unique and very different situation.

There is already a mix of leisure and light industrial operators close to the site, the building would have 
almost certainly been 
demolished had the owner not found a tenant and the area is on the outskirts of the main industrial 

I was also encouraged to learn that new sports would be a major part of the operation including ice hockey, speed skating and curling.

No other rink in the town is big enough to accommodate these activities.

That also lead me believe that this new venture would not pose a serious competitive threat to other operators.

That’s why I voted in favour of the application.

However, I did outline to the applicant the dangers he faced by continuing to invest in his business when the application had not been decided.

He could have lost a significant amount of money had the committee declined the application.

Any new similar applications that don’t adhere strictly to the Blackpool Core plan would probably not be approved.

As I said, this was a unique situation and it was the provision and development of new sports activities that convinced me that it was right to approve the application.’

Coun Tony Williams


Elections in doubt

Scottish vote will hit Westminster

There is a potential consequence of a Scottish ‘yes’ vote that needs to be considered in the rest of the UK. It is one that may mean an additional year of this coalition government.

While it is unlikely to be led by Mr Cameron, it may have Mr Clegg as its deputy, as he is unlikely to relinquish his role and his party seem eager to follow him into the abyss.

Alex Salmond’s preferred timing for Scottish Independence is March 2016, (10 months after a UK General Election). This will mean some 59 Scottish seats at Westminster will cease to exist.

The result has the potential to shift the balance of power from one party to another, so there are two options available; to go ahead with the 2015 General Election and re-run it 10 months later at the cost of millions, not that politicians tend to worry about this; the other is to maintain the existing government for the ten months.

There are other options, such as the departure of 59 Scottish Parliamentarians as soon as the result is declared, (assuming a ‘Yes’), or another option of removing these seats in 2015. Both of these options will be unpalatable, undemocratic and therefore unlikely.

This situation is just one of many that will arise if the ‘yes’ vote wins the day.

Peter Wood

UKIP via email

Airport developments

What about £10 fee?

Now that Balfour Beatty has announced it is selling Blackpool Airport, may I ask two questions?

Will passengers still be expected to pay the “Airport Development Fee” of £10 until the sale is concluded?

If so what “Developments” are they going to undertake?

Mike Picewicz

Warbreck Hill Road, 

Our Brilliant NHS

Hospital praise

I have had quite a few dealings with Blackpool Victoria hospital this year.

Firstly I had cataracts dealt with. From my first appointment to the actual operation I was dealt with in a very relaxed and professional manner. This was a credit to every person involved.

Secondly I had a total knee replacement on August 28. Again from the first appointment at the clinic to my pre-op assessment followed by my admission for surgery, I can only state that at all levels the treatment was absolutely first class.

Mr Elbo the surgeon and all of his team were exceptional, the aftercare on the ward was faultless day and night.

So once again thank you Blackpool Victoria Hospital.

Joyce Leigh


Heroes sought

Tommy’s awards

With a new school year underway, and my youngest just starting school, I’m mindful that there are many parents who have special reasons to feel blessed as their child starts school for the first 

I support national baby charity Tommy’s, who lead the way in research into prematurity, miscarriage and stillbirth.

In March 2015 I will be hosting the Tommy’s Awards; it’s such an uplifting and inspiring event. We will be celebrating heroes – be it a friend, midwife, grandparent, or partner – who have helped mums and dads along a tough road to becoming a parent.

Nominations are now open until November 11 and both Tommy’s and myself are calling on parents to make a nomination and say thank you to those family heroes by visiting tommys.org/awards

Please do what you can to support Tommy’s and the awards. Thanks so much.

Katy Hill

TV presenter