Letters - September 12, 2012

The Friends of Highfield Road Park Community Fun Day
The Friends of Highfield Road Park Community Fun Day
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The Friends of Highfield Road Park would like to send huge thanks to everyone who attended our Community Fun Day, held last Sunday, September 9.

Whether running a stall, performing or simply attending, the Friends would like to thank them all, especially as they helped us make a staggering £592.63 profit from the event, which will be used to make even further improvements on the Highfield Road park. It was a fabulous sunny day enjoyed by all, so thank you all very much for your support.


Secretary of the Friends of Highfield Road Park


It seems reasonable for the deputy headteacher of Bispham High School to enforce school uniform rules.

Without them, some pupils model themselves on pop idols like Lady Gaga, pictured.

If Blackpool schoolgirls were to turn up at Cheltenham Ladies College, scores would be sent home. The rule there is that skirts should not be more than one inch above the knee.

As a footnote, I would add many primary and secondary school male pupils could do with a short back and sides.


Park Road


What a positive breath of fresh air it was to read your Opinion column of September 8 regarding the colour of hair at Bispham High School.

On a Blackpool weekend from Ripon I purchased your newspaper.

To read you were supporting my totally-unrelated namesake in an often-controversial area of discipline in schools, by agreeing with him and not the parents, was not what I am used to reading.

I can only highlight your stance of not agreeing with an often populist viewpoint of siding with parents.



North Yorkshire