Letters - September 12, 2012

Booths have unveiled plans to transform the Teanlowe Centre and open an improved store in Poulton'artist's impression of the planned development
Booths have unveiled plans to transform the Teanlowe Centre and open an improved store in Poulton'artist's impression of the planned development
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We read with regret of Wyre Council’s decision to defer judgment on Booths application to situate a new store in Poulton.

It is ironic that Dransfield Properties, owners of the Teanlowe centre, whose policies seem to have resulted in empty units and a neglected concert hall, should, (together with the firm suggesting an alternative to Booths, ie Asda) state they have the interests of Poulton at heart.

As residents of Poulton for more than 40 years, we are dismayed at the present state of the shopping centre, and would welcome the quality of design of the Booths proposed scheme.

In addition, Booths’ policy of providing local produce retains the ethos of a village community, and is preferable to a multi-national American conglomerate.

Marilyn and Glyn Lloyd


Dransfield should be ashamed of themselves for having the planning application for the Teanlowe centre in Poulton postponed. This will do no good for their image.

The majority of people I know want the Booths plan to go ahead. They have stated they welcome competition, but not at the expense for their plan for Teanlowe. A group of people seem determined to cause problems for any plan they do not approve of. They are entitled to their views but not at the expense of seeing Poulton’s future put in jeopardy.




I felt I must write about your very good article in the Gazette – Paralympic Paradox, by Jacqui Morley.

This Atos consultancy has caused a lot of upset, not only in this area – we have friends in Cheshire. There was no access for wheelchairs for their medical.

Also, people who are very ill go to job centres to say “what’s this medical letter about” and are told “we are only doing this caring 
Tory government’s work”.

We know what it’s about. Cut their benefits.

What a great article by your reporter.


Cherry Tree Road


No one can deny that the new trams run by the council’s company, Blackpool Transport Services, are a success.

Such a success, it is a regular sight to see them packed, if not overloaded. I have seen staff leave by one door and attempt to squeeze into another to try and collect fares.

There must be a lot of lost revenue because of non-collected fares. While tucked safely away in the depot are a number of double-deck cars which have been converted to operate in line with the new platforms on the tram-stops. I acknowledge these cars do not come completely in line with disabled access; however, they still could have been used to accommodate able-bodied passengers, thus allowing the new cars the freedom to look after any disabled passengers, who, at the moment, probably find it impossible to board the Flexity trams, simply because of the numbers using the cars.

It begs the question who paid for these conversions? When will they be used? If not in regular service, why were they converted if they do not meet new regulations? Why spend the money on something which will not be used?

Finally, I rang Blackpool Transport Services on three occasions to ask why there aren’t any ‘No Smoking’ signs on the tram stops.

This summer has seen passengers standing in the rain, rather than endure the clouds of smoke in the shelters. When I got through, a lady on the switchboard she said would pass on my comments.

Perhaps the Mayor, Coun Sylvia Taylor, could look into these items for us?


Melville Road