Letters - September 02, 2014

Up in the Air: Blackpool Airport is up for sale
Up in the Air: Blackpool Airport is up for sale
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Why is airport not making a profit?

Time for take off

Airport has potential

I read with interest the story in The Gazette about the Blackpool airport sale and how they are showing a loss of £1.5 m a year.

Being a businessman, I would like to highlight some of the features with regards to raising money.

The car park there at night time is so dark passengers landing at night time find difficult to find their cars because there are no floodlights.

Yet they say they have spent £30m over six years.

For last four or five years they have started charging £10 every passenger flying out from Blackpool.

Last year alone, 235,000 passengers flew from the airport – that alone is £2.35m and, with all the other aviation charges, the airlines and the rest of the income, to me, the project should not be making a loss, in my opinion .

Every time I have been there you don’t see many staff – there are only the minimum needed.

I think they need to advertise more and make the airport and car park look nicer to attract more people.

Blackpool is a very convenient place to travel from instead if going to Manchester, which is a very busy place and some travelling distance away.

M Jamil

via email

Charity support

So grateful

Members of Blackpool Ladies Sick Poor Association were delighted to welcome our President the Mayor, Coun Mrs Valerie Haynes and her consort Mr Alan Haynes to a Sunset Supper at North Shore Golf Club on Wednesday evening.

Alas, the sunset was covered by light cloud but the view from the first floor dining room of the Golf Club was as magnificent as ever and matched the ambience and camaraderie of the fund-raising event inside.

In her opening remarks, Mayor Coun Mrs Haynes hoped everyone would enjoy the evening and spend generously and in doing so would be raising funds to help the people of Blackpool who find themselves in a crisis situation.

It is remarkable the charity has been helping local people for more than 121 years, though needs have changed in those years.

Our President drew the raffle tickets with great good humour for the many prizes donated by members and friends of the Association.

Together with a tombola and other money-making ventures, the evening raised about £800 after expenses (to be confirmed when our treasurer returns from holiday).

We thank everyone who came to the evening and who helped in any way, particularly our President for her continued support.

Isabel Henshaw

Blackpool Ladies Sick Poor Association

Not so funny


I attended this year’s Illuminations Switch-On and what a night it was. A fantastic evening, all of the acts giving 100 per cent.

The organisers did a fantastic job and, due to their hard work, the night was a great success.

However, to me Peter Kay’s contribution was disappointing – his supposed love of Blackpool not very apparent. Without doubt he is a very talented comedian 
but on this occasion he was not up to his normal standard

I found some of his comments unnecessary, unfunny and patronising.

In my opinion, having given sterling performances, any of the other acts would of been worthy of the honour to switch on the Illuminations,

Also, it would be good if the catering and security for Blackpool events could be given to local firms rather than out of town providers.

We need to put our town and its businesses first.

C Taylor

South Shore


Korean war heroes

Honour them

I am acting on behalf of the authorities at the United Nations Memorial Cemetery, Busan, South Korea, where 800 British servicemen are buried.

The authorities there wish to obtain photographs of those servicemen interred there, and also those who died but have no known grave. The photographs will be attached to their records, and will also be displayed on the walls of the Cemetery Hall of Remembrance for all time.

The following are just some of the young men from Lancashire who gave their lives in the Korean War:

Kgn.John.E.Nuttall. Rfn.Brian.A.Mulligan. Pte. Harry Uttley. L/Cpl.Dennis Metcalfe. Gnr. Gordon Yates.

Pte.James Lewis. Pte.William.G.Hillman. Pte. Joseph.A.Lively. Pte.John O’Hara.Rfn. George Riding.

Pte.Arthur.H.F.Holmes. S/Lt. Richard.D.Bradley(RN) WO2. Wilfred Hall. Pte.Jack Clayton.

Any family who lost a loved one and wishes to take part can send the photograph to me at James Grundy. 102 College Croft, Eccles, Manchester M30 0AN or, for further details, call 0161 789 7633 or email james.grundy102@yahoo.com

James Grundy