Letters - October 9, 2015

Should glass bottles carry a refundable deposit to encourage recycling and stop littering?
Should glass bottles carry a refundable deposit to encourage recycling and stop littering?
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Illuminations staff ‘make do and mend’

It was disappointing to read the negative comments from DR Ashworth’s letter (Your Say, October 6) following his recent visit to Blackpool and the Illuminations. But, in reality, sometimes hearing the stark truth is as upsetting as it can be motivating.

The Blackpool Illuminations are a famous, long-standing attraction that cannot be lost. The i

Illuminations department spending budget is forced to stretch over 52 weeks of the year. They present around six miles of lights to shine for 10 weeks of the year along a seafront at the mercy of the weather. To meet the expectations of the modern visitor is as miraculous as the parable from the Gospel of St Mark about ‘Feeding The Five Thousand’.

The Illuminations are a treasured necessity for Blackpool, but they need serious financial investment to allow them to become a world class attraction that will be talked about on social media as a must-see. This would, in return, generate interest and secure lucrative sponsors.

Millions of pounds worth of regeneration money has been poured into Blackpool, yet the Illuminations department has been forced to manage on pretty much a ‘make do and mend’ budget. It is difficult to understand when you consider the huge amounts of public spending that has been apportioned to several less worthy and failed projects over the past five years. Many of the ‘flops’ at the foolish expense caused by well paid advisory consultants.

The harsh reality is that the Illuminations should have been given bright, forward-thinking investment in order to have modernised them significantly when there was regeneration cash in the kitty. The friends of the Illuminations group deserve recognition for their voluntary efforts.

Stephen Pierre

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Has the council given up on recycling?

I welcome the plastic bag charge – it is estimated that £70 million will be raised for charity.

Now is the time to charge a refundable deposit on bottles and cans that festoon our streets and back alleys, or provide more recycle bins.

The recycle unit disappeared from Revoe and Albert Road. I think Blackpool Council have given up on recycling.

Kevin Gooder

Clinton Avenue



They should hang thugs who kill

I’m sorry, I know it’s not politically correct to say it, but it needs saying.

The thugs that murdered a loving husband and father to two lovely kids in their attempt to avoid justice should hang.

PC Phillips was simply doing his job and only died because a car thief thought his victim’s life was of no value.

Neal Duffy

Grange Road



Appalled that badger cull is continuing

Regarding the news about the badger cull which was started in 2012 without any tests being done to see if there was any contamination within the badger population. This was written about in the News of the World at the time.

I wrote in The Gazette on September 6, 2013 that I was appalled to see that the badger cull still continued. We had been on a protest in London campaigning about the plight of the badgers.

I’m disgusted at the steadfast mass killing of badgers. A species of animal which is supposed to be protected by law. The situation hasn’t improved in the last two years but has worsened.

Wounded badgers, fleeing leaving blood on the grass can infect cows, defeating the object and so it fails to stop the spread of bovine TB, that is if badgers have the disease in the first place.

I say badgers could be vaccinated by qualified veterinary volunteers, and released quite safely at night. So I’m appalled that this cruel and inhumane practice still continues.

Jeffrey Bilham

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Only mad man would trigger nuclear war

Regarding correspondence about nuclear missiles, it seems to me that the only individual that would fire one would be a mad man.

Hopefully, the countries that have them (including us) have security to prevent a mad man getting near to one.

Just imagine, one fired that triggered retaliation – it would be the end of life on earth.

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