Letters - October 9, 2013

REMARKABLE JOB Langdale Free School Class 5 teacher Leonie Bradley with some of her pupils in their brand new classroom
REMARKABLE JOB Langdale Free School Class 5 teacher Leonie Bradley with some of her pupils in their brand new classroom
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Langdale free school


May I just add some additional facts to your kind coverage of Langdale Free School opening (Gazette October 4), by saying the number of children that we will now be able to educate is 144, which will enable more children to benefit from the maximum 18 per class.

It is also very relevant to mention we now have two class sets of laptops, one class set of both mini and standard iPads, plus Apple TVs in each classroom, together with Green Screen equipment technology.

I would also like to mention, and I believe it to be hugely relevant in today’s economic climate, that all the conversion, rebuilding, heating, lighting, plumbing and site work was carried out by local people who work for Eclipse Building Contractors or their sub-contractors, and what a fabulous job they all did and all came in on time and within budget. All praise and thanks from all at Langdale Free School for a remarkable job.

Richard Rendell

Chairman of Governors

Langdale Free School

Jimmy will be missed

Jazz legend

It was sad to read the announcement of the death of Jimmy Thompson (Gazette family notices October 3) in which he was described modestly as ‘former musician’.

To the many fans of Jimmy, he was so much more than that.

For those of us who get our fix of fine jazz at The Ashley in Thornton every Monday, Jimmy was very special.

He was a consummate musician: a jazz giant with total mastery of his tenor sax.

We, his audience, were privileged to eavesdrop as he improvised immaculately constructed solos.

Jimmy was greatly cherished and will be fondly remembered. Adieu, Jimmy: and thank you.

David Neal

Wilvere Drive

Little Bispham

Lancashire Day events

Let us know

Lancashire Day is on Wednesday, November 27.

The Friends of Real Lancashire are currently compiling their annual list of Lancashire Day activities from all over the County Palatine and beyond.

We would like to hear of any organisations or individuals who have planned an event to take place on the day or during that week.

As well as showing loyalty to our red rose county, Lancashire Day is an opportunity to raise money for charity and for businesses to promote Lancashire produce.

At the beginning of November, events are posted on our website (www.forl.co.uk), details are sent to the press and also to our members so they may support an event in their locality.

Events usually include: Lancashire Day proclamations, Lancashire nights with the traditional hot pot supper and entertainment, lunches, afternoon teas, shops with Lancashire produce, restaurants with a special menu, exhibitions, heritage walks, quiz nights and reading of Lancashire dialect.

Please email your events with full details to: chairman@forl.co.uk before October 19.

Please ensure that you include a contact telephone number.

Philip Walsh


Friends of 
Real Lancashire

I agree with Jacqui

Not funny

How strongly I do agree with Jacqui Morley’s opinion of John McCririck (Gazette, October 4) and I sincerely hope he loses his current claim against Channel 4.

At best he was a second-rate clown, missing only a red nose – and at worst he was a rotten tipster!

I also agree Brucie is long past his sell-by date and has become an embarrassment on ‘Strictly’.

To close, I would add a TV ‘pet aversion’ of my own – namely Keith Lemon, although a fellow Yorkshireman, he’s about as funny as ‘a rainy day in Heckmondwike’.

And what’s with the right wrist bandage he’s had since day one of his TV debut – long term affliction – or simply affectation?

Neil Kendall

Stamford Avenue

South Shore

Frack in south first

Reassure us

Our country’s urgent need of energy should not result in hasty decisions on fracking, which could impact on the health and safety for people in the areas chosen.

Any jobs created in the fracking industry should not be at the expense of an even greater number of jobs lost in the tourism industry.

If after careful consideration, fracking is proved to be 100 per cent safe then it should be done in every county of Britain.

After all, if the whole country is to benefit from the energy supplies, the whole country should contribute.

Proof that fracking is safe would be if fracking was done in or near London first, which would then reassure people in the North.

M. Leslie

Name and address