Letters - October 8, 2015

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Cowards were 
jealous of him

I’ve just read the story about Millissa Roberts and her son Reece, an absolute tragedy, I just can’t believe it.

I was walking up Ashfield Road and coming towards me, was a very handsome lad, so I looked up into his face and said “you’re so good looking” and right away he gave me a big smile and said thank you. His name was Reece and two days after I spoke to him he was beat up.

Scum bags and cowards and jealous of him. Not to worry Reece.

You’ve still got your good looks and a wonderful mother. The judge that gave out that sentence should be sacked.

Margaret Crawford

Ashfield Road



Get your cat in 
on dark evenings

Now the darker nights are here may I appeal to cat owners to please keep your cat indoors after dark.

Cats that go out in the dark are more likely to be hit with a car, get into cat fights resulting in either infected scratches or abscesses and run the risk of catching cat flu, all of which will need veterinary treatments.

They can also be driven miles from home and become lost and homeless after curling up unseen in a motor vehicle.

Cats love warmth, so it isn’t difficult to encourage them to stay indoors where they are safe from danger and never put them out when you go to bed - that’s very cruel!

Josephine Harwood

Moor Park Avenue



European dream
isn’t working

It is over two weeks now that the media including TV channels stopped talking about the disastrous invasion of Europe.

No we shouldn’t upset Brussels or Mrs Merkel, so we stopped talking about it. We are lucky that we only agreed with 20,000 refugees, not like some other neighbours, whom have to have more.

Austria’s imitating Hungary putting up fences. Germany after offering welcome now seem and feel over populated. France and Italy quarrel over borders.

The European dream of harmony and belonging, doing so well and mighty fine isn’t it?

C Victor D Nagy

Gill Court

South Shore


Would kind man 
please get in touch

To the kind man who returned my wallet which I dropped at Whalley Place shops. I was so astounded I never thought to reward him.

I know he works for a valeting company and drives a white van and is originally from down south. If he could get in contact via the Gazette I would like to give him a reward as I am grateful for his trouble.

Name & address supplied