Letters - October 8, 2014

Blackpool's Talbot Road bus station in the 1980s.
Blackpool's Talbot Road bus station in the 1980s.
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Talbot Gateway

Bus station

For Blackpool to benefit from the regeneration growth that Brighton has successfully enjoyed over the past 20 years, the town needs to embrace radical change .

Since the closure of the Talbot Road bus station over a decade ago, in addition to the rise of online shopping this area of the town centre has suffered significantly.

The sheer volume of vacant retail spaces with the increase of charity shops highlights the desperate need for improving the image of this tired end of town.

Admittedly the new Sainsbury’s and the council offices are a huge improvement and good first impression to those stepping from the train at North Station.

The former Talbot Road bus station was far from ideal due to its bricked up side elevation causing a dark layout. However should funding be allocated for improving the town’s public transport, the re-opening the Talbot Road bus station as a bright and modern bus interchange would be a wise and practical decision that would cost a great deal less than the construction of a new building. Affordable parking and good public transport links have historically been the key to improving UK towns and cities which have equally been in desperate need of regeneration.

The £7m refurbished Talbot multi storey car park is without doubt the finest site in the North West yet remains a terrible loss maker for the council and its rate payers. This site has the capacity to become the busiest year round car park in Blackpool offering greater footfall for the area and beyond.

In reality the parking tariff needs to reflect its disadvantaged edge of the town location and the charges should be cut to gain new customers.

Our neighbours Manchester and Liverpool are reaping the benefits, achieved from their regeneration visionaries over the past 20 years.

Stephen Pierre


Teacher bashing

No class

On reading the Gazette I was disappointed to see the front page enjoying a bout of ‘Teacher Bashing’.

I do not know the school involved and have not read the report but I suspect that there were some positives in there which deserved a mention.

I have spent a lifetime in Education and have met very few poor teachers but the profession is now labouring under an extreme right wing government who are obsessed with the misguided notions of academies leading to budget cuts, unqualified teachers, larger classes, write your own curriculum etc. etc.

I am worried that a whole generation of children are receiving education on the cheap – we all know that you get what you pay for.

Charles Stubbing,

Seniors Drive, Cleveleys

Blackpool airport

Red herring

All this fuss over the Airport Development Tax?

Why is everyone fixating on that? A mere £10 when you have free car parking and the convenience of a fast and hassle free flight. It’s obvious to anyone with a grain of business sense that Ryanair did not pull out over that paltry sum. They pulled out because it suited them.

Anthony Smith


Blackpool airport

Air deficit

Not knowing all the ins and outs and shenanigan deals at the airport, it’s difficult to know what to make of the situation.

I saw £1.5 m loss per year mentioned, but who knows? How can a company keep taking more out than they are taking in?

The £10 ‘reinvestment tax’ has its place in the scheme of things, it may or may not have been the reason that Ryanair pulled out. It certainly put some passengers off. Also, there was always cheaper flights to Europe from Manchester and Liverpool and with good airport taxis running from the Fylde coast, the tenners went towards the taxi fare.

So, is there now a multi million pound deficit or has the annual shortfall been made up by us ratepayers?

Keith Hallam


Landau nappy patrol call

Dropping off

In June 2003 I had a letter published in The Gazette regarding horse droppings on the Promenade.

Action was eventually taken by the council resulting in the compulsory use of a device to collect the manure attached at the rear of landaus.

I have noticed however the droppings have started to appear again and that the nappies on some landaus are not fitted. Is the council allowing this due to the cuts? It seems a pity however that the majority of landau owners are being maligned by the few who are again spoiling the Promenade with manure and the smell and flies associated with it.

Ramon Ward

Clifton Drive North