Letters - October 6, 2015

memory lane then and now february 4''Bispham High School grounds
memory lane then and now february 4''Bispham High School grounds
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What will become of former school site?

The Gazette (October 2) is quite correct when stating that the merger of Bispham, and Collegiate High Schools was FORCED.

Being a member of the governing body, l know that Bispham had twice as many pupils on roll as Collegiate and had no debt, while Collegiate was a million pounds in debt, which would be cleared, when it became a new school with a new name.

Bispham High School governing body opposed the merger, which they resented, resisted, and finally, with no other options available, resigned.

No school should be forced to become an academy, as was the case with Bispham High.

l would now be interested in what will become of Bispham school site?

With all the new houses being built, this school is certainly needed.

Jennifer Roberts

Norbreck Road



Drag Blackpool into the 21st century

We have just had our first weekend in Blackpool for quite a few years, and were very disappointed to still find it tacky and run down with very few improvements.

Granted, the trams are now much more modern and efficient, and the new sea wall defences and promenade are fantastic, and will no doubt prevent storm damage.

However, we still found cheap and nasty looking cafes with plastic tables and chairs, we still saw boarded up seafront boarding houses and “hotels”, and even some down at the south end with no windows or roofs !

Central Pier is run down and tacky with poor facilities and the usual “impossible to win” sideshows with very cheap and nasty prizes, and we even saw a fortune teller outside her stall , smoking, with ancient photos of past clients such as Eartha Kitt, Tommy Cooper, Les Dawson and Arthur Askey, all of whom passed away years ago! How modern and inviting was that?

Finally, how sad to still see Illuminations tableaux that we took our son to see 30 years ago still on display, and why were some of them broken and others not lit up properly? Are there less big tableaux this year or was that just my imagination?

But, nevertheless, they are dated, old-fashioned and disappointing. Where does all the tourist money and all the taxes paid by hotels and businesses go to?

Come on Blackpool, sweep away some of the old blocks of boarding houses and build some modern Travelodge, Holiday Inn Express or Premier Inn type accommodations and let’s see some new, clean, inviting family restaurants with waitress service.

It’s not rocket science to provide 2015 facilities, unlike some of the 1970s places we saw!

DR Ashworth



Use your extra hour to make a difference

For many people, when the clocks go back, it means an extra hour in bed. But for those caring for a seriously ill child, that seemingly throwaway hour is incredibly precious.

I am calling on people across the country to use their extra hour, when the clocks go back on October 25, to make a difference to families with a seriously ill child by backing Rainbow Trust’s Big Hour campaign.

Get your family, friends and colleagues involved in a teddy bear’s picnic, bake sale or round a golf or any activity that lasts just 60 minutes and make some lasting memories with those who matter while raising some much needed money for families in need. The campaign runs from October 19-25.

Rainbow Trust provides emotional and practical support for families with a life threatened or terminally ill child. For more information or to register your event visit www.rainbowtrust.org.uk/bighour or call 01372 220013.

Time is precious, make it count.

Dominic West, Actor


Add voice to call for ban on caged birds

Every year, around 40 million pheasants are intensively reared to be released for shooting … and the four-month killing season started this week.

Gun lobby spokespeople have already begun trying to fill newspaper columns and the airwaves with their sunshine and roses fantasy picture of their bloody sport.

Cages, industrial hatcheries, giant sheds and release pens are all involved in mass production of these feathered targets.

Animal Aid continues to press for a ban on the purpose breeding of birds to be shot for sport, which Holland introduced in 2002.

A particularly vicious aspect of ‘gamebird’ production is the use of small metal cages, in which the egg-producing birds are confined. Animal Aid recently released shocking undercover footage showing just how wretched and utterly depressing a time the birds have inside these metal prisons.

A civilised country would not permit their use.

In fact, a YouGov opinion poll we commissioned last year found that 77 per cent of respondents opposed them.

You can add your voice to those calling for a cage ban. Please contact Animal Aid for a free information and action pack.

Andrew Tyler


Animal Aid