Letters - October 6, 2011

Fylde by Air March 2004. / aerial view'Leys Road and the water tower / warbreck hill . PIC BY ROB LOCK
Fylde by Air March 2004. / aerial view'Leys Road and the water tower / warbreck hill . PIC BY ROB LOCK
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FOR many years, we on Leys Road have been plagued by people, who work at the nearby Unity College and Warbreck House, parking their cars in our road.

They treat the road like a car park, leaving their vehicles outside our homes from early morning until teatime.

It causes us terrible problems because we know if we go out in our car any time during the week, there will be nowhere to park on our return. People living in Sydney Avenue, Hayfield Avenue and Lime Grove have also been badly affected.

We appealed in vain to the last Tory councillors, we took photos and even put in a petition to no effect.

Then, at the local elections, we quizzed the candidates to see if they would do anything to help us. Coun Wright was very sympathetic, as she is also affected, and promised to help if elected.

Thank goodness she was.

Within two months of the Labour councillors Wright and Ryan getting on the council, our roads have been designated access only. Now, people can only park their cars in the street if they live here, or are visiting a house on the street.

On behalf of all the residents of all the streets now living on unclogged streets, thank you councillors Wright and Ryan.


Leys Road


EVERY household in the country should have received a voter registration form through the post recently.

It’s important to fill in this form and return it as soon as possible.

Anyone whose household hasn’t had a voter registration form, or who’s misplaced it, can visit our website, www.aboutmyvote.co.uk, and print one off to complete and return to their local electoral registration officer.

Those who have further questions should contact their electoral registration officer, via their local council, who will be able to help them register.

If people don’t register, they won’t be able to vote.


Chief executive

The Electoral Commission

ENOUGH is enough!

Our last Conservative council was bad, but this Labour council is worse.

It’s about time we had a council run by councillors without a political alliance to any of the big three parties.

It is often said that, once elected, most councillors are only in it for the money.

How about forming an alliance of around 50 people with similar views on how our town should be run, waiving the near £6,000 annual allowances should they be elected? That is, do the job for ‘nowt’.

I would certainly throw my hat into the ring.


Gloucester Avenue