Letters - October 5, 2017

Theresa May and Boris Johnson
Theresa May and Boris Johnson
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We must never trust Tories on economy

After seven years of economic failure, Britain has lower wages than when the Tories regained power.

In this ‘strong economy’ measured by the Chancellor Philip Hammond, sadly it means that four million children live in poverty; homelessness has doubled with more food banks than ever used by the low waged workers.

The timing of the Tory conference is equally bad for their free market strategy, with the news about Bombardier affecting trade deals and British jobs.

Problems with Ryanair and collapse of Monarch airlines, does not sit well within the Brexit talks as thousands of people have lost holidays.

When capitalism collapses it is big style, as we know from the banking crisis of 2008.

Nobody in the EU referendum voted for poverty, or to destroy trade links with the EU, but the Tories, ham strung with unrealistic fantasies spewing from the puppet master Boris and stage struck stooge Liam Fox, do not see the sense of staying in the single market, or customs union!

Then promises promises, with the electrification of the Pennines rail link promised in 2011, but not saying sorry to the travelling public in the North who put up with clapped-out trains, and sub-standard services.

Prior to the election, Theresa May calculated it was right to go negative on Corbyn’s leadership and ideals for the country, thinking they were going to strengthen their majority. How wrong could they be?

With a weakened leader and Brexit chaos, they are a dried-out husk on infertile ground, without a coherent strategy to flourish.

The Conservatives’ failed austerity programme, continues to cause misery across the UK, with wage stagnation, higher costs of living through inflation, homelessness increasing.

We must never trust the Tories to manage the economy again as they have failed us through support of their capitalist ideology.

Enter stage left and deliver the leader who can offer a strategy to reverse the failed economics of the Tories!

Roy Lewis



Older people need bus route

Isn’t it time Blackpool Transport powers that be put the inconvenienced members of the public, residing in the Watson Road/Hawes Side Lane etc areas, out of their misery?

Why hasn’t the No. 10 bus service been reinstated after all road works were long since finished, to save countless older people, in particular, having to walk (many with physical difficulty) to the Waterloo Road shopping area?

If they can afford 20 new buses and whatever else - they surely could fork out the much smaller cost to put this seriously needed route back on the local map.

Neil Kendall

Stamford Avenue
South Shore


This is an animal welfare issue

As the controversy rages at County Hall over the serving of unstunned halal meat for school dinners across Lancashire, some county councillors have come out strongly in favour of the supply of unstunned killing.

I disagree entirely and wholeheartedly support the opinion of Lancashire County Council leader 
Geoff Driver who describes the process of slaughtering animals without first stunning them as “abhorrent”.

I am gravely concerned about the pain and fear millions of unstunned animals in the UK experience at the time of slaughter.

The British Veterinary Association calls for animals to be electrically stunned before slaughter and it has been mandatory within the EU since 1979 with Switzerland, Denmark,Norway and Iceland in agreement.

Quite disgracefully, our liberal Government has made an exemption to allow religious slaughter without stunning.

I would go further and argue that legislation be introduced to require all slaughterhouses be monitored by CCTV.

A recent TV documentary highlighted the abuse of animals in slaughterhouses and a former slaughterman confided in me the pain and distress unstunned animals suffer.

Whilst I appreciate this is a sensitive and emotive issue, I insist it is an animal welfare issue, not one of religious freedom.

In addition, I feel that the consumer should be given the choice to decide for themselves whether or not to consume meat from animals that have not been pre-stunned and I call for mandatory method of slaughter labelling on all meat products.

I would fervently hope that when councillors vote next month they have the welfare of animals at the forefront of their minds.

Jim Oldcorn

Address supplied


Ban unstunned slaughter now

I agree that Lancashire County Council should stop supplying schools with unstunned halal meat.

In my opinion, it should never have been allowed in the first place.

Farm animals feel pain and fear just the same as our pet dogs and cats and I am certain no-one would condone killing them in this way.

(I am sure I would end up in court if I did so).

As the majority of Muslims accept stunned halal, there is no reason for any animal to be killed without stunning first.

We should ban the outdated cruel practice of unstunned slaughter as other countries have already done.

Alison Gabbott

Via email