Letters - October 5, 2015

Volkswagen have been hit by revelations surrounding the 'fixing' of emissions results
Volkswagen have been hit by revelations surrounding the 'fixing' of emissions results
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We care about the health of the earth

In his letter, (Your Say, October 3) Dave Haskell accuses “the Greens” of having a “misguided obsession” with carbon dioxide emissions whilst ignoring the other components of diesel exhausts.

He has actually discovered from the Volkswagen scandal what we “Greens” have known and been trying to tell the world for over 25 years – that diesel engine exhaust emissions are carcinogenic, as well as being harmful to the climate.

It is a message that some have tried to suppress.

Whilst the sheer scale and brazenness of VW’s dishonesty in putting corporate profit before public health is mind-boggling, it has come as no surprise to us “Greens”, who have known for years that Volkswagen has been one of the leading corporate campaigners against environmental regulation.

We “Greens” care about the health of the earth – the common home of humanity – and the health of its peoples rather than about the health of corporate dividends which benefit only a few.

The Volkswagen scandal is yet another example of how the increasingly ruthless cynicism of much of the corporate world is causing immense damage to the environment and to human health.

Instead of trying to patronise and dismiss us “Greens”, how about listening to us for a change?

We are well ahead of the game and have been proved right time and time again, as with our concerns about Volkswagen, and as we will be again as our concerns about fracking are increasingly vindicated.

Dr Stephen Garsed

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Use darker nights 
to help charity

As the autumn nights start to draw in, I’m writing to ask your readers to make their nights count, enjoy a few hours with their friends and family and raise vital funds for Target Ovarian Cancer.

November Nights is Target Ovarian Cancer’s new fundraising and awareness campaign. Whether you choose to host a movie marathon, pamper night, a board game evening or put the match on with your friends, you can support women with ovarian cancer and their families.

Ovarian cancer can be devastating. It kills 12 women every single day in the UK and survival rates are among the worst in Europe. We urgently need to secure progress.

All the money raised by your readers will help us to make life better for women with ovarian cancer. Just £10 (the price of a cinema ticket) could give six newly diagnosed women a comprehensive guide to ovarian cancer, and ​£50 (or a meal for two) could enable 100 GPs to update their knowledge of ovarian cancer help early diagnosis.

Everyone who signs up will get a free November Night kit, which includes a game, balloons, awareness materials, a collection box and goodies to help host the night.

To sign up to November Nights visit http://www.targetovariancancer.org.uk/fundraising/november-nights or call the fundraising team on 0207 923 5474.

Simon Taylor

Target Ovarian Cancer


Corbyn is leading by example on nukes

For the attention of Barry Clayton and like-minded people who fear his nuclear disarmament policy (Your Say, September 30): Jeremy Corbyn is trying to move the world into an era of nuclear nakedness, as you so charmingly put it.

And how is he doing this? He is doing it by doing what all great leaders do – by leading by example.

Having discussions about nuclear disarmament is a hugely positive step that the current government dares not even dabble with.

Like global warming, we must confront this issue by starting and encouraging others to debate a programme of nuclear disarmament across the world.

Only then may we ever achieve our common goal of world peace.

As for Denis Healey’s comment that weapons “will deter even if the enemy thinks there is only a one per cent chance it will be used” – does it not occur to you that it is that belief that has lead to the arms race we have today and is the absolute opposite route towards achieving world peace?

Surely Mr Clayton can see the lack of common sense in Healey’s chest-pumping speech?

Narrow-minded and blinkered views are hard to change, but like Corbyn says, he respects the views of others and, in return, hopes others will respect his own.

Let’s get this matter debated in Parliament, and get moving towards a safer world for us all.

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We need a kinder style of politics

I am not nor ever have been a member of the Labour (or any other) party.

But I agree with Mr Corbyn that we need a kinder and more grown-up politics which enshrine and enact those values which are shared by most British citizens, regardless of how they vote: good manners, honesty, hard work, tolerance and fairness.

The strong and simple values that most of us grew up with, and which are not enshrined in our current politics.

Tony Green

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