Letters - October 4, 2013

STANDING PROUD Blackpool's old Promenade windmill
STANDING PROUD Blackpool's old Promenade windmill
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South Shore windmill

At depot

It was interesting to see the edition of Lost Archives (Issue 24) where it showed the storm of 1952.

Yes, there is the windmill in all its glory standing up to the forces of the sea and surrounded by water.

It stood for all those years and as was stated then moved to the headland at Waterloo Road.

To think that it could stand all these perils that the sea could offer and still stand proud, but not the forces of the council who removed it.

I still write to the council asking for it to be reinstated but as usual, get no reply.

It is still at Squires Gate Illuminations depot but sadly with only the working pieces.

I am informed they are all marked ready for it to be assembled if the council would give the money for the new structure to be built as it was damaged in the fire at the old Illumination depot.

Money keeps being spent on doing the grass which is still not growing and again only ends up as a flooded area.

Maybe one day the windmill will be back .

It has had lots of support over the years with petitions handed in to the council but to no avail.

Visitors still ask where is the windmill.

Christine Harris

South Promenade


A blow to democracy

Bill reading

Despite not having the mandate of an outright election win, the Tories with the supine support of the Lib Dems have foisted unpopular right-wing policies, most of which were not in their election manifesto, upon the British people.

These policies include privatising the Royal Mail and breaking up the NHS while making massive cuts to public services including the police and fire service.

Not content with this they have now produced a Bill which curbs the rights of organisations like BAC (Blackpool Against the Cuts) to effectively protest against their policies.

The Transparency of
Lobbying, non-party
Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Bill will make it virtually impossible for any organisation other than political parties to campaign on political matters by severely restricting the amount of money which can be spent on such campaigning in the 12 months before an election.

Considering there is an election of some form almost every 12 months this is a dagger to the heart of democracy and thoroughly illiberal.

This will also mean environmental groups, charities, trade unions, and consumer organisations will be effectively barred from campaigning on issues of concern to their members and the wider public.

This must not be allowed to happen.

The Bill will have its final reading next week and I urge all Gazette readers who care about our
democracy to contact their MP immediately and demand that will not support such anti-democratic measures.

James Sorah

Publicity Officer

Blackpool Against Cuts

Clean up after dogs

Fine them

At a car park close to where I live in Layton someone regularly pulls up, opens the rear door, out jump three small white dogs who have a run round, and then squat down and proceed to foul the grassy area.

They then jump back in the car, and away they go. Never is there any attempt to clean up.

If caught the owner should be fined three times, once for each dog.

He is not alone in this practice.

There are many others with cars who use this area for their dogs.

They know what time the dog wardens come on duty.

Many people, and children use this area as a short cut, so enough said.

Name and address

Pavement cyclists

Abide by law

Cycling on the pavement is now commonplace (‘Pavement Cyclists’ Gazette, September 25).

The problem is they think they have the right to be there.

On Friday, September 27, my wife and I were heading to the No4 to watch the Blackpool match.

At the top of Bryan Road, a line of traffic was held up by the lights.

In that moment of hesitation about whether to nip across, a pavement cyclist came weaving and cursing around us, shouting for us to watch where we are going!

Needless to say we told him where to go – on the road.

We were rewarded with a torrent of abuse until he disappeared up Newton Drive – on the pavement of course.

There really was fury and aggression, and could it have been guilt?

Would it be too much to think he had read The Gazette of September 25 and knew his responsibility – to abide by laws that are there for the safety of all of us, not to be disregarded by the few.


Trees Residents
Brunswick ward