Letters - October 30, 2017

We’re full... bring back the double deckers!

Blackpool has just entered the busiest week of the year, October half-term.

This week the resort is busy with visitors, owing to schools in other parts of the UK already being on their half-term holidays. Blackpool’s trams are full to bursting point, and probably way beyond bursting point in many cases.

One of these days (God forbid) if a tram had to make an emergency stop I dread to think what would happen on an overcrowded tramcar.

Today I travelled from Cleveleys and the tram was full. Standing beside me next to the driver’s cab were two passengers, and the guard struggled to get to the concertina part of the car.

He shouted ‘any more fares or passes please?’, whereon I held up my senior citizen’s Now-card and my two fellow passengers showed their tickets. He shouted that’s ok and battled his way back along the car.

The gentleman next to me said that his ticket could have said anything and I jokingly replied that mine could have been out of date too because it was impossible from that distance to check the pass or tickets.

This left me thinking just how many free-riders there must be on the trams, when they are so full the guards don’t stand an earthly chance of collecting fares or checking the passes and tickets.

Surely the converted ‘B class’ double deckers, which are slumbering away in the depot and are hardly ever used, would earn their keep simply if all the fares etc were collected during busy periods.

It would do the management of Blackpool Transport Services good if they spent a day with their staff, seeing their problems and just what the paying customers on their trams have got to endure in these conditions!

Bob Milner

Address supplied


Terrifying time for 
our cats and dogs

Remember, remember the 5th of November and by all means have your fun, but please keep in mind this time of the year is no fun for our pets, it’s terrifying for them.

They can panic when fireworks are let off, then run away and get lost or injured, so please keep cats and dogs indoors whenever fireworks are being let off and try to be at home with them on bonfire night. Do not take your dog to a fireworks display, that’s very cruel.

Don’t forget the smaller animals, like rabbits, which are kept outdoors. They get frightened too and are not in a position to run away and hide.

Bring their hutches indoors into a cool room, shed or garage and give them extra straw to bury themselves in while the noise is going on.

do tell neighbours with pets in advance if you are going to let off fireworks, so they can be prepared and think of our precious wildlife and check for hedgehogs in your bonfire before you light it.

A little consideration towards our four legged friends will be very much appreciated.

Josephine Harwood

Moor Park Avenue


Teachers wrong on white poppy move

I notice that the Peace Pledge Union, with the support of the National Union of Teachers, has launched a campaign for schools across the country to endorse white poppies and they have signed up more than 100 teachers.

They seem to think that red poppies glamourise war. They couldn’t be further from the truth and if they were to reflect on why the Royal British Legion sells them I would hope they would change their minds.

Let me remind them of the poem In Flanders Fields written by the Canadian medical officer Colonel John McCrae at his field dressing station during the second battle of Ypres in 1915.

It begins: “In Flanders Fields the poppies blow between the crosses, row on row”.

The poppies were red and were about the only thing that did grow. In winter the land was a sea of mud and in summer a plain of baked earth.

They became a symbol of hope for the soldiers and reminded them of home.

Of course, the purpose of Remembrance is to remind everyone of the supreme sacrifice made by our service men and women in all wars and conflicts, but we also remember everybody who lost their lives and the injured.

It also reminds us of the evil and horror of war in the hope that nations will find a better way of settling their differences.

We in the Royal British Legion see more than most the suffering caused by conflict.

The money raised by the poppy appeal is used to alleviate suffering and provide help in a huge number of ways for all ex-service men and women and those still serving and their dependants.

Please help them and remember their sacrifice and the horror of war by buying red poppies during the poppy appeal.

Raymond Hirst

Royal British Legion


I brought my son 
up as a boy

So the term pregnant woman is no longer acceptable to be used as it’s offending the transgender community.

When I was pregnant, I was a pregnant woman. Why shouldn’t I be called that?

I had a son. I didn’t bring him up gender neutral, he was brought up as a boy. I didn’t feel the need to do what Paloma Faith is doing and letting my child decide what gender he was.

Some people are born in the wrong body.

We know that, and they should be what they want to be in time, but what’s wrong with bringing up a child the sex it was born? We shouldn’t have to jump on this new trend, thanks to certain celebs dishing out parenting advice.

Jayne Grayson

Address supplied

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