Letters - October 30, 2014

Lights fantastic: According to one Gazette correspondent, the Illuminations bring business into Blackpool while other resorts are closing down, benefiting our resort's businesses
Lights fantastic: According to one Gazette correspondent, the Illuminations bring business into Blackpool while other resorts are closing down, benefiting our resort's businesses
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We would be shut without the Lights

Illuminations donations

Cough up!

I write with excitement that yet again this town is buzzing with tourists at this time of the year, whereas all the other seaside towns are now well and truly if not closed, very quiet.

However, after trying to get around the town by car on two occasions so far this week, it has been gridlocked on occasions and very busy on other days.

The Promenade has been packed. The Tower, Madame Tussauds, the Sea Life Centre, the piers, Pleasure Beach and even the tourist information centre had queues down the Promenade.

And the attractions that I couldn’t see I am sure are also very busy.

And why, we ask ourselves, are all these tourists here?

Well one word – Illuminations. So my point is if the businesses in this town say they don’t benefit from the Illuminations, then the proof is right there for all to see.

Please all businesses – donate to the Illuminations this year and keep this resort of ours well and truly full of tourists or we will be just like all the others – closed.

S. Hunt

South Shore

Sweet packet rustling

Wrap it up

It makes you wonder about the lack of theatre audiences whether TV and home entertainment is the cause, when our experience is all too often being sat in front of someone munching their way through a noisy packet of sweets.

Our recent visit to see ‘Riverdance’ was spoilt by a couple behind us bringing out the sweets.

As each foot stomping routine the cast put their hearts and souls into came to an end, followed by a beautiful haunting melody, the ‘munchers’ used it as an opportunity to bring out the sweets.

When trying to listen to harmonised singing or dialogue during a performance, the last thing you want is the rustling of sweet packets.

So it seems buying a DVD is the better option, despite this not being anywhere near as good as a night at the theatre.

Yet such nights are being ruined by the inconsiderate sweet packet rustlers, who obviously think they’re sat at home watching the telly!

When those big Blackpool summer spectacular shows played full houses twice nightly, I don’t ever remember being disturbed by sweet packet rustlers.

Clifford Chambers

Ashton Road


No place for emotion in law


Briony, your columnist (Gazette October 25) completely ignores the law and laid down penalties.

It’s full of emotion, which in law doesn’t count.

There is a set penalty for each crime and like it or not, when the time has been served, that’s it.

You cannot introduce additional penalties because you are not happy.

Campaign to change the law, but don’t complain after the event that you are not happy.

David Wall

(by email)

Blue light services

Good job

I would like to say thank you to two very fine young paramedics who came to my rescue on Sunday, October 19 at 3am.

I was very ill and my wife and son told me to go to the hospital. But I’m a very proud and stubborn man and thought the tablets the doctor gave me in good faith would work.

It was obvious to my wife the tablets were not helping me, and at 2am she phoned 111, who sent an ambulance, with two very hard-working young caring men, who started working on me within a second.

That was at 3am, and they did not go until 5am.

To say thank you does not seem enough for all their caring and very hard work, and also for putting my wife and son’s minds at rest. The NHS has many such fine men and women who do care about us public.

You should be very proud of of yourselves, as you do a great job in very hard times.

We should all support our blue light services. They all do a very good job. Bless them all.

Geoff Mann



In memory of jamie


Can I say a huge thank you to the Blackpool ambulance service, and also ward 19, Blackpool Victoria Hospital , and to the reception at Rosemere cancer foundation at Preston for all the kindness, care and attention they gave my son throughout his illness.

Also a big thank you to the staff at Blackpool Pleasure Beach for the kind donation they sent in memory of my son Jamie. His friends have been so kind.

Jeannette Sharratt

Grasmere Road