Letters - October 30, 2012

Waste processing plant at Thornton
Waste processing plant at Thornton
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I WAS amazed there can still be a debate regarding the routing of HGVs to the Thornton waste recycling plant and Jameson road tip (Gazette October 27).

The A585 was designed as the arterial route to Fleetwood with Bourne Way leading directly into the old ICI site now known as Hillhouse International.

This route segregates wagons from residential properties and pedestrians.

I am concerned it can be considered safer to direct HGVs past two holiday camps full of children and Springfield Terrace whose houses are within 25ft of the wagons.

This isn’t nimbyism but common sense.

When so called improvements were made to the Norcross roundabout, signage was removed which directed traffic along Amounderness Way and subsequently to Bourne Way.

We now have a situation where traffic is also using Fleetwood Road North from the Norcross roundabout to the Hillhouse International site incorporating the waste treatment plant, thus passing within feet of schools, pedestrians, old peoples homes and shops.

The signage should be reinstated, the trunk road should be used as it was planned for during construction and MPs and councillors should stop defending the indefensible and make Thornton a quieter, safer place to reside.



WE just wanted to convey our sincere thanks to The Gazette, in particular Robin Duke, for the support we have received while building up and trying to put our new monthly Folk and Roots Club on the map.

Having now moved from Gillespie’s in Blackpool to the Old Town Hall Tavern in Poulton, the team at The Gazette have continually promoted our events with interest.

Thanks to this, we have had numerous inquiries, website hits and a good response from people, all due to the excellent promotional features.

Our club is committed to bringing quality performers in the Folk and Roots genre to the Fylde Coast, and without the help, support and community spirit of our local newspaper, none of this would have been possible.

We take our hats off to you!


Poulton Folk and 
Roots Club

REGARDING ‘More Help For Older Folk’ (Letters October 24), what about something for people who are lonely through bereavement etc, yet are not OAPs, and maybe not interested in a sing-a-long (I am only 59-years-old).

Also for people who live too far away, I live in Bispham.

I cannot walk to a pub or club on my own.

I have no-one to go anywhere with and have nowhere to go that I would find safe on my own.

I too am lonely (I lost my husband three years ago), and would love somewhere to go and something to do. Does anyone have any suggestions for my lonely age group?

It would be greatly appreciated.