Letters - October 3, 2017

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn delivers his speech at the Labour Party annual conference at the Brighton Centre, Brighton. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Wednesday September 27, 2017. Photo credit should read: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn delivers his speech at the Labour Party annual conference at the Brighton Centre, Brighton. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Wednesday September 27, 2017. Photo credit should read: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire
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A leader in waiting? I hope it’s a long wait

I was listening to Jeremy Corbyn wittering on last week about the Labour Party being a ‘party in waiting’.

Let’s hope it’s a very, very long wait as it would end up as yet another Labour fiasco if he were to be in power. Jeremy Corbyn is not fit to lead anyone anywhere and more so when you consider his colleagues, for example John McDonnell, Tony Watson and the most embarrassing member of his party, Diane Abbott.

Imagine Labour being in power with ministers like those supposedly running the country. Then, on top of those individuals, we hear Labour’s Emma Dent Coad openly making a pathetic statement about Prince Harry not being qualified to fly helicopters. Does she actually believe anyone would be allowed near the controls of such a machine if not qualified? She should be challenged to prove her statement or tender a public apology to the Prince.

What a lacklustre government the Labour party would prove to be with the above presumably forming part of a Labour Cabinet especially with their leader already promising to benefit everyone but without actually saying how he would go about financing all he offers. He simply talks of what he will do but doesn’t ever explain where the money would come from to achieve his fanciful ideas. Instead of continually sniping at the real government he wants to put up or shut up, instead of the country forever hearing his pathetic wranglings, further convincing people of Labour’s failings of the future, in addition to those failings we have already witnessed. All Corbyn will achieve, if ever elected into power, is to cripple the country in the same way other Labour leaders such as Kinnock, Blair, Brown and Miliband managed to do. What a legacy they left in their wake and Corbyn, unsupported by many Labour politicians, will do if, God forbid, he were ever to be allowed to reside in No 10.

The continual promises they now make are without any viable or logical indication by Corbyn or McDonnell as to just how they hope to achieve them. Basically, verbal smoke screens without foundation, ability or hope of delivery. Corbyn even states that Labour is ‘ready for government’. What a joke that would be.

Shaun Kavanagh

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We need vision for future of airport

I’m totally in agreement with Tony Williams (Your Say, September 25) in that the population upsurge in our region is going to cause unnecessary inconvenience to people travelling to and from the already overstretched Manchester airport.

We need to consider all avenues to urgently review all options open to us.

Anyone in their right minds must be aware of the urgency needed to bring this airport back up and running!

Some councillors are not helping the situation.

We need someone with vision and common sense to set up a committee, ensconced in finding the best way forward ... back to the future!

BRin the trotter

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Sugar tax will lead to rise in inflation

With ‘Brexit’ dominating the political landscape in the last few months, many Blackpool residents will be unaware of the sugar tax, starting next April.

This regressive tax will be an additional burden on lower income households. But crucially, the Office for Budget Responsibility have said that the sugar tax will mean an increase of 0.25 per cent in the rate of inflation next year.

So with the sugar tax leading to increased inflation, we will all be paying for this sugar tax, either directly or indirectly. Every single one of us.

Brook Whelan

Chief Executive, People against Sugar Tax


Can’t stay same outside the EU

I was impressed and reassured by Theresa May’s recent speech in Florence.

She set out her plan for the negotiations – and I was pleased to hear that we have made progress. Progress such as British pensioners living in the EU will continue to have their health care arrangements protected. She also clearly said what her plan is on how long we will continue to pay money to the EU and what we will do about future security cooperation such as sharing intelligence on terror suspects.

We can’t leave the EU and have everything stay the same. Only the Conservatives seem to understand this and they have put forward a sensible plan to help us leave the EU in an orderly and responsible fashion. We voted to take back control of our laws, our borders and our money. Jeremy Corbyn and his team want to keep us in the single market which means we won’t have any say over free movement of people. Labour are not listening to us.

It is clear that only Theresa May can successfully deliver what the British people voted for – a Brexit where we remain friends and continue to work with the rest of the EU to ensure our stability, security and our continued prosperity.


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For once we have 
a happy ending...

What an amazing story about how the owner of a stolen French bulldog puppy turned detective to track down his beloved pet (The Gazette, October 2).

And what a relief it must have been for the man and his family that they actually got the dog home.

For once we have a happy ending to a dog theft story - when so many end in tragedy.

To steal a pet like this is horrendous and heartbreaking for the owners.

I commend all the Facebook users who were instrumental in reuniting the puppy with its rightful owners and urge everyone to keep up the good work.

Nathan SkellY

North Shore