Letters - October 3, 2014

Ryanair Chief Executive Michael O'Leary and Blackpool Pleasure Beach dancers. / promoting flights to dublin
Ryanair Chief Executive Michael O'Leary and Blackpool Pleasure Beach dancers. / promoting flights to dublin
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Can air hub be viable?


My letter of three 
weeks ago suggested Michael O’Leary might be interested in returning to Blackpool.

This was a serious suggestion. We need a second operator to make the airport viable.

The question has been asked over the last few years- why would a building company buy Blackpool Airport. Balfour Beatty is not a fit company to to run our airport.

It has not had a managing director for six months and has taken on board an administrator ( KPMG) to advise the company which is having major problems with the building side.

There is no-one at the helm and certainly no-one capable of running an airport.

The original deal with Blackpool Council was secret so the full details are not in the public domain.

It should have been clear that Balfour Beatty were buying an airport to run commercially and that if they could not do so (as has been proved) it should pass back to the local authority.

Balfour Beatty are dreaming if they think they can sell the airport (not the freehold) for £15m when it is losing £1.5m each year through their incompetence – despite raising millions of pounds on the passenger tax.

We need a firm and early announcement that we are not prepared to accept this state of affairs and to protect this important part of our infrastructure.

Ten councils in Greater Manchester operate and own one of the most successful airport in the country which is very profitable so it can be done.

Geoff Race

Queens Road

St Annes

Airport development fee


Having paid £10 ‘Airport Developement Fee’ every time I left Blackpool on Jet2,I would have expected the airport to be developed.

I expect I will be compelled to pay a further £10 when I fly next Thursday.

It seems extremely unlikely this money can be used to develop the airport.

Who has the millions of pounds collected?

Can a ‘collective action’ be started to obtain a refund of money extracted under false promises?

Why was the airport ever sold to a building company?

It seems unlikely they ever intended to make the airport successful.

They prefer it to be used as building land.

Alan Peacock

(By email)

I find the whole idea of Blackpool Airport closing disgusting.

Everyone I have spoken to finds that it is only a pleasure leaving from Blackpool.

Jet2 has made it into a wonderful airport to go to many continental destinations.

Thousands of travellers are livid about this and their £10 in Airport Development Fees.

I will be travelling next Thursday, so would it be possible for one of their directors to be there and pay me back the considerable amount of £10s that I have paid?

Keith Hallam

South Shore

Off-licence clamp down


It is all very well Blackpool Council, no doubt with everyone’s welfare in mind, clamping down on the number of off-licences allowed in South Shore.

But you only have to stroll a few yards from the Winter Gardens towards the seafront in the town centre to be confronted with a window full of ‘tempting’ alcohol.

This is in Morrison’s, Church Street. Close by on Abingdon Street, there is a similar treat for the eyes in The Co-op.

Can we expect the same if and when the promised Tesco store ever opens in Talbot Square?

These businesses are all championed by their owners as ‘local stores’, corner shops almost, with lengthy opening hours into the night.

It is one thing bundling bargain-priced boxes of booze into an out-of-town supermarket trolley along with your week’s shopping, but just who are these chains aiming at by blatantly highlighting their heavy 10 packs within inches of Blackpool’s ‘more-vulnerable’ drinkers?

Tim Rimmer

South Shore

Saving council cash

Share costs

Regarding whether we need a council chief executive, (Gazette, September 29), the other alternative is, to go back to the question of why we need to have four chief executives and lots of head of departments for the Fylde Coast.

Other councils are now considering saving money by either combining, or alternatively combining service departments, in order to deliver much needed savings on council tax and budgets.

For too long the Fylde coast councillors have considered who would be in charge politically if we combined services and not looked at the real savings to the council tax payers.

By drastically reducing our senior management, massive savings could be made across Blackpool, Wyre, Fylde and Lancashire councils to our long suffering residents. All it would take is determination to put services before politics.

Coun Douglas Green

Squires Gate ward