Letters - October 3, 2013

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Helpful health centre

Do drop in

What a great health resource Blackpool has in the Walk-In Centre on Whitegate Drive.

Over the last few weeks I have had to visit on a Sunday morning on two occasions, firstly with my wife and then with my daughter. I was impressed by the kindness and professionalism of all the staff from the receptionist and nurses to doctors and pharmacy staff. Everyone was helpful and cheerful, nothing too much trouble.

They must be among the unsung heroes of the NHS. Well done and thanks a lot for all your help and I’m pleased to say everyone is now on the mend.

Roy Bonham

Faringdon Avenue

South Shore

Wind-blown rubbish

A nuisance

When the wind blows up Ribble Road all manner of rubbish is deposited on Clinton Avenue.

Not one Blackpool Council rubbish bin in this area. Has the council given up on recycling?

A recycling unit on Ibbison Court was never replaced. A large unit on Albert Road disappeared.

I welcome a charge on plastic bags. But a big problem is cans and bottles. I remember a time when a refundable deposit on glass was in force, half a penny on a small jam jar, one penny on a big one.

This should be re-introduced on cans also even if it takes an Act of Parliament.

I wonder what Blackpool’s chief constable of 100 years ago, would think of today’s street scene? In a recent Memory Lane it was reported he asked the public to refrain from throwing “orange peel, banana and other fruit skins” on the pavement. It was said he was “requesting the kindly co-operation of everybody in this matter”.

Looking at the state of things today the phrase “turning over in his grave” comes to mind.

Kevin Gooder

Clinton Avenue, Blackpool

Geoff’s our hero

Big praise

There’ are a lot of untold heroes in Blackpool, but here is one of the best.

His name is Geoff – the guy who tries to keep old people alive and kicking, by running a keep fit class in the medical centre at Bristol Avenue.

He keeps an eye on all of us older human beings so no-one gets harmed in any way, some in their 80s and 90s. He also has a wife and family to look after, talk about superman. We all feel like teenagers when it’s all over. Keep going Geoff, you’re the one that we want.

Margaret Crawford

Ashfield Road


Worse than DOGS


There have been several recent letters regarding ignorant dog owners who allow their pets to foul pavements.

On Blackpool Road, Carleton we have a bigger problem – quite literally – as the pavements between the crematorium entrance and the railway crossing are always covered in horse manure.

So many horses are led up and down the pathway as young people are given riding lessons.

I can understand a busy road is not the best place for a novice rider to start off their training but surely the adults who accompany these youngsters on the footpath have a responsibility. We don’t all go around wearing green wellies.

Horse manure might be organic but still makes one heck of a mess across pavements, especially if you are trying to get through with a pram or pushchair. Come on horse riders, think about others as you trot through on your charge.

Name and address supplied

Road congestion

Speak out

J Davies (Letters, September 24) is right to be concerned about traffic congestion in Thornton which will only get worse when new houses planned by Wyre Council are completed.

Earlier The Gazette reported Fylde Council has set out in its Local Plan, the land to be used to build 7,000 houses by 2030.

Wyre Council will have a similar or an even greater number. These figures are a result of the Government’s planning policy which uses the Office of National Statistics data to forecast the number of houses needed (2011-2030) in each local authority.

Are the new houses to be equally distributed across the urban areas of Wyre or, as in the past, will the greatest impact be on Thornton?

Will jobs be found locally or will increasing numbers of Thornton residents have to commute so adding to the congestion on the A585?

Inevitably green spaces and countryside area will be lost to the detriment of the local community.

Thornton Action Group (TAG), of which I am vice-chairman, has a public meeting to discuss these issues tomorrow at 7pm at Thornton Methodist Church, Victoria Road East.

Our MPs Ben Wallace and Paul Maynard have said they will be present and our local councillors and county councillors have all been invited.

Everyone interested is invited to come along to ask questions and to make their views known.

Howard Phillips

Lawsons Road