Letters - October 3, 2012

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MORE than 200 British citizens, most with conditions that cause them unbearable suffering, have now travelled to Switzerland to secure medical help to die.

Every month others follow. But what of those who don’t have the money, or the physical ability, or who don’t want their helpers to risk prosecution?

Right-to-die laws exist in a number of European countries, have very strong public support, and include effective safeguards that prevent abuse. A doctor who helped an elderly person to die because they were simply tired of life would risk prosecution.

Liberal Democrats at their party conference supported my motion calling for Parliament to allow people with intolerable suffering to secure medical help to die here, in their own beds.

Of course, this is an issue that crosses the party divides and should always be a matter for a free vote not a party whip, but someone has to take the lead.

The opponents of reform are compassionate people who want to ensure that the best care is available to all.

Palliative care in this country is generally good, and pain relief helps most people, but these are not options that will be chosen by everyone.


Liberal Democrat

MEP for Fylde


FURTHER to the letter from Mr Forshaw (Letters September 26).

I would like to speak on behalf of those who actually live in the centre of Poulton and will be affected personally by future developments.

Unlike his experience, the majority of people to whom I and my neighbours speak, are all for a new Booths store.

As far as we are concerned Booths reinforces the adage that you get what you pay for, i.e. value for money quality goods.

If he and others from surrounding areas wish to shop at Asda, there are other Asda stores to which they can visit or alternatively, he could approach Asda to build a huge store in the leafy surrounds of Hambleton and so make all of us happy.

This way, our library, post office and small conservation area would be preserved.

Shoppers could park their cars, attend Booths and appreciate the new design leading into the market square and visit our other shops and cafes.

An Asda store, post office and library based in the car park would encourage people to park and shop in that area and return to their cars ignoring the rest of Poulton.

That is not the identity for Poulton that those of us who live here want.

I believe our council is doing its best to follow the democratic process despite several autocratic attempts to hinder its progress.


Blackpool Old Road,


NOW that’s what Blackpool needed.

Viva! Show bar, somewhere for people who like to dress smart and classy, sit down to enjoy a fabulous show in luxurious surroundings and now be pushed and shoved by drunks.

Welcome back to Ley D Johns and wish him every success at his new club Viva! Top act on the Fylde Coast.