Letters - October 29, 2015

Jean Stainsby
Jean Stainsby
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We should bang the drum for the resort

How dare Jeremy Clarkson denigrate my beautiful home town.

If I could come face to face with him, it would be unprintable what I, and hundreds of others would love to say.

This town has been attracting visitors since 1791. I am a sandgrownun and proud along with my father, who attended Highfield School and at 17 was in the Royal Navy fighting for his country on the torpedo boats. My daughters also attended Highfield – one is a university lecturer and the other is a skating coach who has been on television many times, and she bangs the drum for Blackpool.

It is a seaside resort with the best value guest houses and hotels anywhere in England, and the real residents of Blackpool are good, honest people.

I was brought up on Mereside and I’m proud of it – even our council estates are 10 times more pleasant than other towns. I speak from experience, having just retired after travelling 80 miles a day for working in horrid, depressing dark, industrial towns. No wonder they flocked in their thousands to Blackpool.

I have attached a few pictures taken near to my home, which show how lovely our town is.

Jean Stainsby

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Stepping out can help beat blues

For those who find winter a depressing time, my advice would be to get walking.

Walking has many benefits for our health but less frequently discussed is how it helps us remain positive and happy. In fact, walking has been shown to reduce the risk of developing depression by 20 per cent.

Walking for just part of the journey to work can significantly boost our happiness levels, which is especially important during the winter months when many of us get up, travel in the dark and can find it hard to incorporate activity into the day. It stimulates endorphins, which help to improve sleep quality and reduce feelings of stress.

Walking is free, accessible and easy to build into everyday life. Research suggests that active people are 30 per cent less likely to feel distressed and 30 per cent more likely to experience enhanced levels of wellbeing.

Tompion Platt

Head of Policy and Research at Living Streets


Hospital staff have been excellent

Over the past 12 months I have been regularly attending the Haematology Day Unit and spent many weeks in the Haematology Ward at the Victoria Hospital.

I wish to express my appreciation to all staff for their kindness and dedication. They been excellent in all respects, and it would be unfair of me to name any particular person.

Thank you all.

Alan Cooke

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Farmers forced to display EU signs

Despite the fact most people would prefer to be governed by their own democratically elected government, the EU never stops its self promotional machine, spending at least £500 million a year extolling its virtues.

Now that the “in/out” referendum campaigns have started, they are aiming their propaganda at our farmers, forcing them display bill boards publicising they have received EU grants, so that they can be seen by the public, and if they refuse they will have the money clawed back.

As the UK is a net contributor to this expensive club, it is our own taxpayers’ money coming back as part of our rebate, and we are then told by the EU what we can spend it on (even if we don`t want or need it).

This is just another example of how the EU is becoming more undemocratic in their battle to keep us shackled to the European project, along with most of our leaders – including PM David Cameron.

If we were not EU members we would be able to provide our farmers and other industries with grants, without the need to display signs. It is definitely time we voted to leave this expensive and out dated institution.

Philip Griffiths

North West President, UKIP (UK Independence Party)


What will be a living wage penalty?

While having to admit that many small employers may not be able to afford paying the so-called living wage, I don’t suppose many are surprised to learn hundreds of those capable are to be named and shamed, as they put it, for not conforming.

I’d just be interested to know what the government intends to do about it!

Or will it be just a slap on the wrist, like members of their own establishment who ‘fiddled their expenses’ or have money in off-shore accounts to evade their liabilities?

As for the attack on tax credits, if employers making large profits were made to meet up with their obligations, the need to pay tax credits would become extinct.

Ernest Lundy

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Recent news should give us all pause

The biggest surprise I had this week was not that red meat was bad for me, but that it was a new revelation. I thought this was already established? Surely the answer is we eat less processed meat and, when we do, we eat better quality (free range/organic) meat.


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