Letters - October 29, 2012

Cleveleys Bus Station closed.
Cleveleys Bus Station closed.
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WHEN is a £130,000 bus station not a bus station?

When no buses can use it!

There has not been a bus in sight for months at Cleveleys Bus Station. Residents and visitors are finding this both confusing and inconvenient.

The number seven and nine buses are greatly missed, especially when carrying heavy bags of shopping all the way up Victoria Road West across the tram lines and busy roads to the bus stop opposite Aldi, more often than not in the rain.

Months ago, there was a petition asking for a temporary bus stop outside Rachel’s Pantry to enable passengers to catch the buses seven, nine, 84, 86 and 74 but nothing came of it.

It is reassuring to know MP Paul Maynard and Coun Penny Martin are aware of the problems and are expressing their concerns over the badly designed new layout.

Instead of taking weeks, it is taking months to get it open.

The travelling public would appreciate to be considered and informed of any further developments.




A FEW weeks ago the sun was shining and I saw a problem waiting to happen and it could be fatal.

It was between 12pm and 1pm, I was driving towards Crossland Road roundabout, heading south, along Vicarage Lane in Marton, and about to pass Crossland Road Park on the right.

Before me was the pedestrian crossing, on the left side the sun was shining brightly on it, but on the right side the crossing was in the shade, and it was dark grey, this was covering six foot or more.

If someone was standing at the edge of the crossing, in dark clothing you would have difficulty seeing anyone.

There is an entrance to the park not that far away from the crossing.

This is one of two crossings on Vicarage Lane put in by Labour councillor Val Haynes at the request of the local people.

Lots of people now use the park since it has been updated and loved and cared for.

There are beautiful beds of roses, all the trees and bushes have never looked so good, the trees have grown taller and branches have spread out.

This is where the problems lies. The now-tall trees are throwing a shadow when the sun shines, there are three in line with the crossing, the middle tree needs taking out to let the sun through. It’s better to be safe than sorry.



WHILE I am sure the Boathouse does many good things for children of the Bloomfield Ward, I would like to point out the “Bugs to Butterflies” charity based at Revoe First Steps Centre which also does many good things.

They have limited resources and manage to do this mainly through the hard work of Julie Boscombe and Colin who run it.

So if you see a fundraising event organised for Bugs to Butterflies please give it 100 per cent support.


Knaresboro Avenue


I HAVE just read the article with regard to the proposed revamp of the Burlingham Hotel on the Promenade in Blackpool (Gazette October 23).

Can I say how pleasing it is to see a young Blackpool businessman putting his own investment into dilapidated hotels with a view to improving our local area.

While I felt three quarters of the article was spent on the positives of this project, I am at a complete loss to understand what relevance this has to the Malibu Hotel?

This I feel completely detracts from Mr Hartley’s good intentions to generate more investment for the Blackpool economy.

Let’s hope a lot of other investors are prepared to follow his example.


IT is heart-breaking to learn of the growing problem of kittens and puppies being dumped like rubbish, exposing a disturbing new trend of pets being treated like a disposable commodity.

When dogs and cats aren’t neutered, their unwanted litters are often left to suffer.

Sadly there are too many unwanted pets and not enough homes for them all, which is why pet charity Blue Cross wants more pets neutered to stop this needless misery.

I am especially proud to support the Blue Cross Big Neutering Campaign.

The solution is clear: make neutering the norm and stop the needless suffering of unwanted kittens and puppies.

I would urge pet owners everywhere to do the same.

With your help, we could avoid an animal welfare crisis.

To find out more about the Blue Cross Big Neutering Campaign or to make a donation visit www.bluecross.org.uk/neuter.


Blue Cross